Thursday, November 16, 2017

Buh Bye Walmart online

I came across a couple of recent online articles about Walmart raising their online prices, in order to encourage shoppers to visit the stores, rather than order online. What marketing genius thought this one up? The main reason I shop online is that going to the store is not convenient to me. It's almost an hour away. The main reason I shopped at Walmart online was because of the good prices and the free shipping if you ordered at least $35. When they started the free shipping with $35 order they touted it as no annual subscription fee (like Amazon) to get the free pricing.

Walmart (today) Walmart (August) Target

Del Monte Can Veg 1.48 0.98 0.59 sale price at Target
Crystal Light on the Go 3.28 2.48 2.59

Hamburger Helper 2.28 1.50 1.59

Carnation Inst. Breakfast 5.87 4.84 4.99

Campbell's soup 2.29 1.58 1.59

Jif Peanut Butter 28 oz 5.26 3.98 5.79 *40 oz at Target

Here's a few of the items I purchase regularly. Today's prices compared to what I paid just back in August, compared to what I could get at Target online today (and free shipping, too).

Gee, what do you think I'm going to do? Drive an hour to go visit the Walmart store in person, or order from Target online? At a minimum, I'm just going to shop at my pricey little town grocery store - same as online Walmart prices and I'm supporting local business, while I'm taking the hit to my budget.

Excuse me while I go give Target some of my business.....they are offering a $10 Target gift card with a $50 food purchase and those canned veggies are on a really good sale! Time to stock up.


  1. I don't buy any of these items. But, I am going to check when I go to WM. There is no Target here. Do they have electric carts? I would change to Target online, too, if I were you.

    1. I've never noticed Target having electric carts, but I have also never been to a "Super" Target, where there is more groceries. I'll probably be comparing Target and Amazon pricing and ordering thru there. I forget about Target having sales (where Walmart never does) and watching for those to stock up on items.

    2. Linda, I believe they do. You could always call and inquire as it may vary from store to store.

  2. I think Walmart is cutting their own throat with this marketing strategy. I'd be VERY tempted to send them an email informing them that this has cost them a customer.

    1. I get they might not want to offer free 2 day shipping, but geez. My last order was supposed to be 2 days and it took 8 days to get here.