Sunday, November 26, 2017

Just Sunday morning chit chat

I was wondering why I got zero Swagbucks for my recent $50 Target online order. Well here's the reason:

Toys and electronics,Baby care (diapers, wipes, formula), all gift cards, prepaid cards, school & office supplies (paper & art supplies), Pharmacy (including OTC), Sweet JOJO, Target Photo, Apple, video games and consoles, contract mobile phones, books, magazines, music, digital entertainment, One Spot, Hardlines, sports and fitness equipment (bicycles, team equipment, indoor and outdoor recreation, etc.), grocery (food, beverage, fruit, meat, produce, frozen items, soda, coffee, candy, snacks, dairy, bread and baking supplies, sushi, deli, liquor, beverages, household commodities, etc.), pets, health, personal care and beauty items (cosmetics, hair care, etc.), Starbucks, Target Cafe & Pizza Hut Express are not eligible for SB.

Basically, nothing at all is eligible! about the only thing that would qualify would be clothing. Oh well, I still get 5% savings using my red card, so that helps.

I just saw a pic come across Facebook of my 4 cousins. The last time I saw one of my cousins (she is a twin) was in 2009. Holy moly! She must weigh 300 pounds now. She was always a regular sized woman. My mom has talked to my aunt (her mom) off and on and she said that after her divorce (which was a bit before 2009, if I recall) she has just gone downhill into depression. But I didn't realize the weight gain, too.  I guess she lives with her mom and they live in a super tiny apartment and cousin doesn't work anymore. Very sad. I'm glad she has her mom to be with. Her twin and brothers don't live near them.

Linda (Practical Parsimony) asked for more pics of lights and decorations. Here are a couple. I still need to try to get some good indoor pics


  1. I always love the exclusions which are almost everything! Thanks for the pictures of lights. Nice.

  2. I like your outside decorations. I am hoping to be in the US next time around Christmas. I love driving around to see the decorations.

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