Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday this and that

Some of our snow melted yesterday, but we got a couple more inches last night to replace it. I've have a pinched nerve in my neck for about 4 days, giving me a headache, too. The weird part is it goes away while sleeping and when I get up it returns. Today it is quite a bit better, so I'm hoping it's on the way out.

Thanks to everyone's book suggestions I was able to download a couple of books to read, as well as add several more to my waiting list. I finished Lucy's recommendation of The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Loved it. In some ways reminded me of one of my favorite books, The Shack. I read that one in like 24 hours. Yesterday I was able to start On Turpentine Lane, recommended by Stephanie. I'm liking that one a lot so far too. An easy, enjoyable story.

I can never seem to take advantage of the extra hour sleep from changing the clocks. I wake up my normal time, as well as the dogs did too. Then by 8pm last night I was ready for bed, but I made myself stay up until 8:45. It'll probably take me all week to get adjusted. DH walked into the bedroom right after I went to bed and said "what are you doing in bed already?!" I said "I'm on dog time". LOL.

I think we inadvertently got a problem taken care of. The business (it's a county related office, volunteer ran, so people aren't even there all the time) that is behind us on the other side of the alley has a problem with their heating unit. Maybe it's a boiler? I'm not sure. But since LAST winter started every time their furnace kicks on it's sounds like a really loud gun shot going off! It took us a like a week last year to figure out where it was coming from - it was kind of hard to tell since the mountains are so close on both sides of us that the sound just echos off the hills. Plus it was hunting season, so we weren't sure, but it was close and loud. Finally we realized what it was. One time last winter someone from the place was outside while DH was out back, so DH commented about it. Like "boy, sounds like you have a furnace problem, there, huh?". The guy was like "ya, we're going to have someone come look at it". Well, of course they never had it fixed and it continued all winter and now, of course, its starting right back up again, this winter. Boom! Do you know how many times that we hear that all night (as well as all day) every time their heat kicks on, while we are sleeping, as our house sits right behind it? It also just didn't sound like it was a very safe thing to be going on with a furnace, you know? Plus, it's a taxpayer owned building - fix it!

Weekend before last, when we were out at our property talking to our neighbor there, DH asked him if he knew who was in charge of that building behind us. (he was thinking about trying to once again suggest it get fixed). He did and gave us the name and described what he looked like. DH said that is was the same guy he tried to talk to about it last winter. Neighbor said "I'm sure he's a perfectly good guy, but my interactions with him on things (county related) have not been good". We thought, oh great, well then we're not going to get anywhere with him then. Well, the past few days there have been no more "booms". You can see their furnace is running (smoke/exhaust comes out of the back vent we can see from our house), so they must have had it fixed. I'm pretty sure neighbor probably mentioned it to someone....probably not directly to this guy, but word got to him or someone, I'll bet.


  1. It will be nice to sleep without Booms! I know you will be glad to get the new place built so you can leave your current neighbors.(Especially the next door ones)

    1. it has been nice and quiet now! and the renter neighbor situation (knock on wood!) has been pretty much resolved. He (and his gf) are pretty much only at the house to sleep now. Even on his two days off a week, he isn't there much.