Monday, November 20, 2017

Getting in the Christmas spirit

The days just seem to be flying by. I can't even get a grip on getting ready for Christmas. I'll have to do most of my shopping online, but even that I feel like I don't have enough time. Maybe with this long weekend after Thanksgiving I will get in gear.  I did send DD a list of gift ideas for DH....I was sitting here the other day at my computer, while he was at his, and all of a sudden he started rattling off gift ideas, so I wrote them all down. Now I need to send her my list. I have most of it written in a "note" in my ipad. It should be easy to send to her and yet I still haven't done it. Plus she has only give me 2 ideas for herself and none for her BF. I told her I need a better list!

I know most of the Black Friday ads are out online and the only one I've even looked at is Lowes. I'm going to order a few of their 9' lighted garlands that will be on sale for $4.98 (reg. $11.98). I can use them out along our front porch rail and then in our new house I can use them on the stairs banister.  I did quickly look at Walmart's ad. Honestly, most all the stores ads are nothing I ever usually buy as gifts anyway. My goal will be to try and get all my online shopping done this weekend.

I do see things in the ads (big ticket type items) we would need for the new house, but it's too early to buy and we just don't have the storage space anyway.

Had a bit of fun on Facebook with DD and another friend yesterday. This is basically DD's first Christmas in her house. They moved in a week before xmas last year so were still unpacking. No tree, no decorations. So, being the girl she is (loves to decorate and loves xmas) she is gung ho to decorate all out. She had just ordered some xmas stockings for her, BF, dog and cat. Two of them arrived last week and she laid them on the back of her couch, snapped a pic and posted it on Facebook about how excited she was to decorate for xmas.  Her BF's sister makes a comment "Brother, you have Christmas decorations in your house before Christmas! with a shocked face emoticon." DD texted me "oh the horror! I took a pic of some xmas stockings" LOL. Weekend before last my mom gave her all her xmas houses. She's been trying to decide where she is going to put them and finally figured where (and a plug in for the lights in houses) so she decided just to mess with her BF's sister (when she comes for Thanksgiving dinner) she'd display them now, along with the stockings hanging above on the stair banister,  and posted it on Facebook. Of course she got several likes and a few comments. About 15 minutes later BF's sister makes a post on her own wall with a meme about decorating before xmas and a comment in her own words about she loves the season but it shouldn't start until after Thanksgiving. I was texting a friend who LOVES Christmas more than anyone I know and told her about BF's Christmas Killer sister (dd's words). She started tagging DD in Christmas decor posts (she's already started decorating, too) and DD just kept decorating even more LOL.  She has a nice big window ledge above her kitchen sink and put some lights and decor with a comment "and while I'm cleaning up Thanksgiving dinner, I'll enjoy my lights" LOL.  Not a peep out of BF's Grinch sister.  My friend texted me "maybe her heart will grow 3 sizes while being there at Thanksgiving" hahaha!

I gave our pooch his second ear drops treatment yesterday after dinner. He really doesn't seem much better today. Ear is still kind of red and she's shaking his head still. I can't even tell if I'm getting the medicine in his ear too much or too little. You have to put the bottle long tip down in his ear and "lightly" squeeze 8 times/drops, but you can't see if it's going in or not. I'm a terrible nurse.


  1. When I suggested buying the med online, I meant for next time. I am quite sure I would not know when I got 8 drops in the ear either! Do you have a way now to irrigate his ear and instructions on what to put in there. You could do a little preventive maintenance like I did for my kids after swimming. That was much cheaper and less bother for us all instead of waiting until swimmer's ear set in and they were in pain.

    I love Christmas but cannot decorate this year.

    1. that was a good idea and I did look up the meds and both can get online (for a bit cheaper) and I'll know what to look for with the symptoms if it happens again and try that - cheaper meds and skip the vet visit. I have to irrigate his ear first with a rinse they gave me. Then add the medicated drops. Yesterday I did a test "squeeze" to make sure the pressure I was squeezing the bottle made a drop come out, so I'm hoping I'm getting it all in there.

  2. Had to laugh at your fun on FB. I'm one of those "one holiday at a time" people and am constantly getting tagged in those types of posts. Needless to say, I tag them right back. Lol

    I may check out that garland from Lowes our rebate from buying a snowblower came back as a giftcard-which I knew it would. I hang garland on our open stairway, but we also have a loft with an open rail that overlooks our living room. It would be nice to have some garland there as well.

    Did your vet tell you to to slightly rub your pups ear after giving him the drops? If not, I would suggest doing so as based on the redness you described, his outer ear may also be having some issues with a yeast infection. One of our dogs has had chronic issues with his ears and this has helped him. Disclaimer...advice given as a nurse, not a vet! Lol

    1. Yes, he said to massage the rinse in for 30 seconds and then use cotton ball to soak up some of the excess (and let dog shake ear) and then massage in the drops for 30 seconds too. He mentioned he could add the ointment(drops) to the outer ear, but he said since the stuff is so expensive, once the inside infection clears up the redness on the outer ear will go away. I hope he's right.