Monday, June 8, 2015

What's a vacation?

A few weeks ago I posted about my idea to use my mid year bonus (paid at end of June) on some kind of vacation for DH and I this year.  My thoughts were some trip we could drive to (dh likes to drive) or an Alaskan cruise. My other idea (which doesn't use any money, but uses up some of my oodles of PTO hours) was to take off Friday's this summer. My boss ok'd that idea and it has been really appealing to me.  I haven't brought either idea up to DH the past couple of weeks, because he has been so moody and crabby, but today (now in a better mood) he mentioned "we should go on a trip somewhere". I told him I get my mid year bonus in a few weeks and thought we should take a vacation. He asked what my ideas were so I threw out a few suggestions. As I totally called it (when DD and I were talking about it the other day), he had a reason to turn down every suggestion.

My first was a drive to sight see Yellowstone National Park. His reason for saying no: too many people there. My next suggestion was a drive to mid-west to take in some of the dirt track racing he loves. This was the idea that seemed to appeal to him the most (I figured it would) but even that he had reasons not to. He doesn't want to be traveling and always wake up feeling sick (like he does every day at home) and not feel like going and doing stuff.  My third suggestion was the cruise, which he said would be fun, but then you get to ports and have to go do stuff and he didn't want to do that. Good grief! Flying is out - I HATE flying with him. He is too stressed and can't just go with the flow.

So, I just dropped it and didn't try to persuade him any further. He's the type that needs to think on things for awhile. He'll complain that he never gets to go on a vacation, but now that he can he probably won't take one, but at least he can't use it on me to complain to me any longer!

Taking Friday's off for July and August just keeps sounding better and better to me. 3 day weekends!

Meanwhile, tomorrow is my one day mini vacation. I am so excited for it. Once I drop DD off at college for her test (which could take up to 2 hours) I am heading to the water! A nice walk, lots of sun, just sit and relax until she calls to tell me to pick her up. Then we will drive back towards home and stop halfway to do some antique store shopping and have lunch. The weather will be mid 80's. It all just sounds like a perfect day to me.


  1. Hmm, your husband and my husband should join the same club: The Persnickety Men's Club. In my husband's case, there are two things that bring out his crabby/whiny side--money and being around people. While I do appreciate this annoying trait of his in regard to the fact that we really don't have debt because of his watchful eye and cheapskate nature, it can also be draining knowing that we are actually okay financially but I still have to hear his complaints. Also embarrassing when he makes those complaints known to others, too. I also like to see family a lot, and when they visit, they do kind of take over the house and while he never will say anything to them, I won't hear the end of it for weeks. What's the solution to this (besides divorce, haha)?

    1. I'm thinking the solution might be a vacation without them! Haha!

  2. Funny, I just logged in to say "why not take a few days without him"! That said, depending on location, lots of three day vacations sounds pretty nice to me-even if you take a couple alone.

  3. I agree go without him. Mind you the three day weekends, sound even better!

  4. Yellowstone with your daughter alone sounds great, he can't complain because you asked him first but then he possibly would but so what....... I believe life is not meant to be tip toeing around someone, it's too short. Sorry if that sounds harsh.

  5. I would go without him. You deserve a vacation because you work hard.

  6. Honestly I can take or leave it as far as a vacation goes. I'm pretty much a homebody and usually find vacations to be exhausting for the most part. I tend to like the idea of one way better than the actual experience.

  7. I would go without him but, I like traveling alone. So, if you don't, may be taking the Fridays off will do you good. Late August I am coming to the US for a three week vacation. Will be driving from NY to SC and back to see my friends. Can't wait!

  8. I would give him an opportunity to come up with something by a certain date. If not, then plan a trip on your own or with your daughter.

  9. Going on a vacation by myself doesn't really appeal to me. DD got to take a spring break vacation and she and her BF have done some weekend "mini-vacations" in the area, so she isn't jonesing for one either. The whole idea was for us to take one together and since he's been complaining for at least a couple of years that he wants one, I thought we could use my bonus money for one. But, as I expected - he obviously doesn't really want one. I find that occasionally I have to "call his bluff" and that usually stops the complaining about wanting to do something and can't. About 10 years ago I constantly heard for about 2 years how he wanted to move away from this area, to another part of the country. I finally said "Let's do it!" Well, that stopped that right in it's tracks. Haven't heard that one since. Apparently now it will be the same about taking a vacation. Most types of vacations would be too hard for him physically anyway. Maybe just knowing he "can" take one, if he wants, will be enough to satisfy that desire he seems to have had for one the past few years.

    Like I said, at this point in my life I can really take or leave a vacation. I've always been a homebody and while vacations have some fun aspects and I'd certainly take one if DH wants to, it's not high on my priority list. Using up some of my vacation days to take Fridays off this summer will be nice. I can get all my Saturday chores and errands done on Friday and really have a weekend to relax and do other stuff. DD and I have a few things planned that having an extra day per week will be nice. Some room painting, finish cleaning out DS's room for my office and a day at the horse races is on our summer list.