Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Savings and life insurance

Payday today. I feel so rich, haha. With the bonus, regular pay and my side job pay, in addition to what was already in my checking and savings. But, I just paid bills - so not quite so "rich" anymore....

My monthly deposits into my Capital One Savings accounts is easy and going well. I now have $400 in my savings for taxes from my side job, $60 in my savings for our annual water bill, and $90 in my long term pet's care savings. Next month I will be starting another one for my annual life insurance policy payment.  I've also managed to pay down $416 towards my (huge) home equity loan by adding a little extra to the interest only payment each month. I just add my $25 internet reimbursement from work, whatever I earn on my debit card cash back and whatever I come in under budget in gas and groceries.

Yep - I finally got the final paperwork to sign for the life insurance policy on myself. I feel like I got such a grown up task done. I got the paperwork packet in the mail on Saturday. I was kind of scared to open it as my last "quote" had gone up to $48/mo and it was still to change - depending on the results of my medical exam.  The final policy price ended up even lower than I think I was originally quoted! $330 a year. I was so happy and also so proud of myself for finally getting this done. Now I will put away $27 a month to savings to cover the premium next year this time.  Next up is some kind of will - most likely I'll be going with Sluggy's recommendation of a revocable living trust.

DD is taking my mom to a doctor's appointment for a CT scan (or something like that). I don't know what is wrong with her and hopefully this will give her an answer. She keeps saying that when she sits down her stomach and chest area feels tight. Apparently it only happens when she sits. She was supposed to have the test last week, but she had to reschedule it because it was first thing in the morning and she wasn't feeling well. So she made the appointment today for an early afternoon time. Now she called DD and asked her to take her, because she doesn't feel well. I really think she is just stressing herself out over it. She feels well enough to go back and forth to her boyfriends a couple times a week, go to church, the casino, etc.  Honestly, my guess is that her problem is really that she just needs to lose quite a bit of weight. She is very small framed and 5'4" and I think all the weight is making her very uncomfortable (getting near the 200 pound range). If the scan doesn't find anything, then I don't know what the next step is to figuring out her problem.

The wind chimes I put outside our French doors (and near where my desk is on the inside wall) sound so pretty! They just have a beautiful sound and DH loves them too. The sound is still kind of a nice surprise when the wind catches it.


  1. well done on you sorting out your life insurance all all the money savings you have done.

  2. Fantastic news on the life insurance and so sorry to hear your mom is not feeling so well. I remember when my mom quit smoking and gained 30 lbs. to a whopping 135. When only 5 feet tall and very small boned, that was a huge amount of weight. Hopefully it's nothing more serious than the excess weight, but that also has its own risks and complications.

  3. Congratulations on sorting out all of your insurance papers! That is a task that no one likes to take on. It is good just to get it all done in one rip- like a Band-Aid! I hope everything turns out the best for your mother. It can be scary not having answers. Good luck with everything!

  4. You are absolutely phenomenal for building up you saving and getting your life insurance on track. It is never too late to start in my opinion. I think it's reasonable to start after your kids are grown and you can start creating a living trust, et al. As for your mom, bond with her by taking walks to help her lose a bit of weight.