Friday, June 12, 2015

I'm tired and glad it's Friday

It's been frustrating (and exhausting) few days. DH's old computer still keeps having issues and in doing some diagnostics I realized he has no memory left, which is probably why it's running so slow. That old computer just can't keep up with running 2 home security camera systems on it, as well as being used regularly by him all day for other stuff. Wednesday afternoon I went and bought him a new desktop tower. I figured it might be better to do it now, while I still have access to how his old computer is all set up (done by DS), rather than a hard drive crash or something where I couldn't get to any of it.

While an IT person could have had this all set up in a matter of hours, it's has taken me days to figure out how to get all the programs to work right, mainly the security camera system(s). I know DS set it all up and had to do some "work arounds" to get both systems to work on one computer .I think I finally have it all working now. It does work faster and has twice as much memory (as the old one) and tons of hard drive space. Unfortunately, it also came with Windows 8, so that's a new learning curve for DH (and by association, me). I also still need to possibly purchase Windows Office - unless I can figure out a way to get it off his old computer. I think DS added to the old computer via a download, no discs are around anywhere.

DH and change don't mix whatsoever. Enough said. 

Add in all the traffic on our little street Wed and Thurs nights - and I got very little sleep Thursday night. The drug sellers that live in the house on our road and the druggies buying were walking (and some cars, who leave their headlights off) back and forth literally every few minutes. And they weren't being quiet about it at all. Talking loud, making lots of noises. About 11pm Thurs night Dh needed to go outside (as well as the dogs needed their nightly pee break) and turn the soaker hoses off, but every time he opened the door or looked out the window, someone was walking by and of course the dogs would start barking if they saw them. Finally at 11:30, after they just walked by again, he thought he was safe to go outside for a few minutes. Just as he was turning the water off out by our garage (nearest the road) here comes one of the dealers (and another person) back down the street. Dh says to them "can you please quiet it down for the night? it's after 11pm and my wife has to get up and work in the morning". He got an ", etc' from the dealer/addict who lives in the house. Then in his usual fashion he starts freaking out and tries to charge towards dh, but of course there is a 4 foot chain link fence separating them. This is like the 4th time this kid has done this to DH. He's about a 100 pound meth addict, so dh isn't too worried if he ever actually got to him (dh is 6'1" and over 200 pounds).  Dh got on his phone right then and reported it. The cops were called out for the second night in a row. The night before DH had a long conversation with one deputy who said they have discovered there is also a theft "ring" going on by the youngest of the house (we suspected this) so they are also working on that. The deputies the second night said they just had some good news that morning that the county jail is adding like 14 officers and opening up a whole floor that is unused, so they feel they will be better able to start actually making arrests, rather then having to know there is no point to an arrest, unless it's really bad, because the jail won't keep them. (what a joke!)

Things have quieted down since last night - the computer seems to be running how dh needs it to, the weather has cooled down a whole bunch, and only 20 or so in and out last night compared to 80 -ha!
Looking forward to the weekend. I've got my 2 week grocery shopping to attempt again and in search of a pedestal base for my new birdbath.

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