Saturday, June 20, 2015


DD went on a camping trip with her BF this weekend, so it's just me and DH.  It will be a quiet weekend, but warm and sunny. Mid to high 70's. I am thankful we have our 2 window air conditioners. They keep the house just right and don't add too much to our electricity bill.

I'm totally bombing at trying to grocery shop for 2 weeks at once and just fill in with a trip the other week for fresh items and other misc things I might have forgot. Well, I forgot a lot. My list for this trip is almost as long as last week. I'll give it another month of trying.  This might not have been the best time to start trying this shopping method, with DD home for the summer. I'm not estimating very well how much she eats, etc.

I got my hair cut yesterday. Quite a bit cut off, actually. It was getting really long, so I had her chop off about 3 inches and now I basically have a long bob, since she didn't really layer the rest too much. I am liking it. My hair is kind of wavy, so with this length I can just leave it natural, tuck it behind my ears and good to go, if I don't want to dry and use the curling or flat iron. I can't just let it go natural waves when it gets long. It looks all stringy. I'm lazy most days, so this is easier to style this way.

Tonight's dinner will be home made pizza. We haven't had that in about a month or so and since it only takes 15 minutes to bake, I won't need the oven on too long. Tomorrow will be hamburgers on the BBQ. I totally burned them last week! I don't know why. The only thing I can think of is that I bought ground beef that is higher in fat (for more flavor) and the extra fat dripping created more flames and burned them. Usually my problem is I don't cook them long enough. I am still a crappy BBQ'er.

I had one more "task" to get Dh's new computer set up like his old one. UGH. I totally did not know I even needed to figure this out. He maintains a website for a club we used to belong to. He really has zero idea how it all works, other than DS set it all up on his computer and he knows just enough to get into it and make changes on the website. It's all done via ftp......which I have ZERO knowledge of. Somehow I lucked out figuring out how to copy the ftp folder to his external drive and then adding it to his new computer desktop. It worked. BIG HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF!! If it hadn't worked I have no idea how I would have figured it out.

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