Saturday, June 27, 2015

I was ready for the weekend

Just when I thought we were in the clear of DH getting this nasty flu, he has come down with it during the middle of last night. Being sick like that really affects him and he will most likely be down for the count for several days. I remember when my dad (who had MS) would get a cold or flu, it would really wipe him out.  It doesn't help that the temperature outside is in the 90's. I am so thankful we put in those 2 window a/c units. It really has helped keep the house at a tolerable level. I'm also very glad I am over it, while he is going through it. My fear was he would get it same time as me (exposed to DD same as me) and we'd be sick at the same time.  I guess my flu shot last Fall didn't carry over to whatever this flu bug was.

I had to go into the office yesterday and am glad it was just basically a day of meetings where I didn't have to do much. The first meeting was a communications workshop for 2 hours. Easy and relatively informative and entertaining. I am considered an "amiable/analytical" communicator. No surprise there. My boss was mostly amiable - no surprise there to anyone. The funny part was when the presenter was describing an analytical type - she was using her father as an example - who would plan every little detail of a family vacation down to the smallest detail. She was describing me to a T. LOL. I'm like ok - I'm analytical.

The second was a company meeting to go over our 2nd quarter, hand out bonus checks (yay!) and give us another great perk. Basically we are getting 1 extra day of paid time off per month. 12 days a year!  On a rotating basis (to make sure the office is covered), every other week, get a half day off and work from home that first half of the day, to ease the crappy commute most folks have. It will be on a 3 month trial basis and if it is working for the departments/company it will become a permanent thing. Pretty cool and everyone is pretty excited. It won't affect my commute, since I work from home most of the time anyway, but for those who are in the office 5 days a week, 9 hours a day, it will be great.

DD and I were going to go to an indoor vintage flea market today, but that is out now that I need to hang around home to take care of DH. Guess I'll just get stuff done in the house. It will be too hot out to stay outside much. I do need to go grocery shopping and will get to that next.

Earlier in the week DH and I talked about taking a week or so vacation - just a drive, see some scenery, visit some friends, but in the end he decided he'd rather use the money to get some things fixed/done on his old 1999 pick up (that is still almost like new). We added the running board steps already. He needs some maintenance work done and wants to get the inside of his toolbox sprayed with liner.

I need a few things in the way of clothing. I could really use another pair of jeans, now that I seem to be firmly ensconced in size 8. I only have 2 pair of size 8's and am always uncomfortable when I try and wear the 6's, when the 8's are in the wash. I also need a few new t-shirts just for everyday at home wear. I bought a couple at Kohl's a few months ago but they are too thin and stretchy. I also need a couple of tops for work. Two of the ones I wear on a regular basis are wearing out and looking shabby. One even has a tiny hole in it. I will try Ross first.

Wish me luck for the weekend of being a nurse........


  1. Aren't husband's just the worst babies when they are sick? lolz
    Good Luck on the clothes shopping and the nursing duty.... 8-)

    1. They are! He has touched it out pretty well, surprisingly