Friday, June 19, 2015

Saved about a hundred bucks

DH needed Word and Excel on his new 'puter. Crap. We previously had Office 2010 (something DS installed from what, I don't know). I didn't want to spend $100 or so to buy a new program. I found a download for like $70 (but didn't know if it was from a reputable site or not). Then I remembered I had bought DD a 4 year student subscription to Microsoft Office 365...maybe it could be used on more than one computer? Yep, it can! She wasn't being very helpful in trying to figure this out for me.  First she complained she couldn't remember her log in and password. Then once she got signed in, it showed she had already used her 2 installations allowed and says "I can't add another one". I said "right there, in the middle of your screen, it says "Deactivate an installation"!!  Geez! (her first install was on her old laptop she doesn't have anymore). Two minutes later she had it installed on her dad's computer. How hard was that? and I saved a bunch of money on something that he rarely needs, but when he needs it he needs it and it's a program he's familiar with and know how to use (which is saying a lot, LOL)

Speaking of money, I just saw the list of mid-year bonus's to be paid out. We will get our bonus checks at the end of next week. Wooo! $3800 - with, of course, LOTS of taxes taken out. I will net $2560. If sales keep going this same way for the rest of the year I will see another check the same amount in December. I'm still wondering what my 10 year anniversary "gift" will be, come September.

Since we aren't earmarking it for a vacation, I guess some of it will be used for some various things. There is a toolbox from Costco that DH would really like. I will spend some on re-decorating the extra bedroom into an office. I will try to use what we have, as much as possible, but I might end up buying a futon to replace the twin sized captains bed. Whatever desk option I decide on will pretty much be a DIY piece, so it won't cost much. There is a big L-shaped oak desk in there now. It was a hand-me down years ago from my parents. I have never really liked it and if I decide to use it, I will probably paint or stain it. My preferred desk is just a long flat desktop with file cabinets on each end. IKEA sells just desktops really cheap, or DH mentioned we have a couple of 6ft nice folding tables out in storage in the garage. I could use one of those. Stick some file cabinets underneath on each end. Cover the top with some fabric or something and then a piece of plexiglass on top. The 3rd option is there is a piece to DH's "executive" desk set that is basically exactly what I need. He just has it behind his desk, up against the wall with a bunch of stuff stored on top of it (and not much in the 2 file cabinets on each end). I could steal that desk piece and put the long dresser that is in the bedroom in it's place. He will still have the top to put stuff on and all the drawers to use.  I haven't brought that idea up to him yet.

If I keep the twin captain's bed, then I will need a new cover and lots of pillows to make it look more like a sofa. I'd much rather just give the bed away and get a futon, so that we will also have a full sized bed available. It would have come in handy when my half-sister visited and I could have given them that option instead of a hotel.

Between my one debit card being hacked and my bank sending out a new debit card (for my checking account) because they added some security feature, I have had to go change everything that I have set up to pay using either of these 2 cards. And then, when I get my new rewards debit card, I will have to go back and change them all again.  It will be a week to 10 days before my new replacement card arrives, but at least I still have my regular debit card to use. I just won't be earning any rewards cash back during that time.

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