Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday at home

It's nice to have a Saturday morning where I don't have to get ready and go out grocery shopping. DD and I did the deed yesterday afternoon. We were going to run to the hardware store this morning, for a few things DH needs, but his new running board steps for his pick up were delivered this morning. So now he has DD helping him with installing those. It's going to be a total "over-do" day for him.

I spent the sunny morning out watering all the flowers and plants. I love the early mornings out in the sun. All the birds chirping and our neighbors chicken's clucking. DH installed some filters on our outdoor faucets, so as not to plug up the soaker hoses and sprinklers with the crap that comes through with our water. It was kind of any ugly eye-sore with the big filter and all the hoses attached, so he built a nice box to go around it and we painted it to match the shed with our leftover house paint. I think it turned out really nice. He used leftover scrap wood for the frame, but we were out of the siding board, so I had to pick one of those up at the hardware store. I like how they will cut wood for you and we had them cut it in half, which made it much easier for us to get home.

My clematis on the front arbor is blooming! So pretty. I wasn't expecting any blooms this year and am really excited to see that it is already blooming.

There's also one planted that will produce white flowers, but that one hasn't bloomed yet. It's going to look gorgeous someday when it's just full of blooms.

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