Saturday, June 6, 2015

She's home!

DD finished her group presentation late yesterday morning for her management class, finished getting the last few things loaded in her car and got all checked out of her dorm room and headed on home for the summer. She is so excited to be home and I am so excited to have her home. Her rude/moody roommate got back from class when DD was leaving but she gave her a hug and said goodbye. DD said as she was walking out the door roomie said "don't worry about cleaning. I can do it all". DD said I already vacuumed and wiped down my whole side of the room, so you shouldn't have to do anything but your side...."

She does have one last final on Tuesday morning, but she has some pre-scheduled plans at home this weekend, so she decided to just fully check out yesterday.  She will just drive back up to school on Tuesday morning (2 1/2 hr drive), take the test, and come back home. I decided to take the day off work and drive up with her.  That way she can take advantage of the carpool lane and hopefully shorten the drives a bit and we've got a fun afternoon planned. I will drop her off at school to take her test and take the 5 minute drive down to the waterfront and go take a nice walk along the boardwalk (it's supposed to be 80 degrees on Tuesday) and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery while she is busy taking her test. It makes me feel relaxed just thinking about it!

When she's done with her final I'll go pick her up and we'll head back towards home. But first we are going to stop about mid-way and have lunch in this small town that has a huge amount of antique stores and spend the afternoon browsing through all the stores. My boss told me about this place and I've been wanting to go ever since. We have a small town near us that has a Main Street filled with some cute antique shops and my boss said this other place is like that place on steroids! DD was all in for my plan for the day and I can't wait.

Blogger is driving me nuts.  The only way I can reply to comments (or comment on other Blogger blogs) is through my ipad mini. Not the quickest way to type.

I did good this week following my meal plan. I only changed up Wednesday and traded it with a different meal for next week. I have a pretty small grocery list of some fresh things and a few other things I didn't plan for very well in my 2-week shopping trip last week.

DD kept busy yesterday mowing the lawn and using the hedge trimmer on a few shrubs. He spent the evening moving the sprinkler around.  Today he's keeping busy with installing 2 water filtration systems on our outdoor faucets. We always have so much "crap" in our water that it clogs up the sprinklers and soaker hoses so he bought some filters off of Ebay and at lunch today I ran to the hardware store to get him some fittings and adapters for the project. Pricey little things! Geez! Like $80 for 8 (bronze) fittings and 2 hose manifolds. I love our local hardware store, though. They have the most knowledgeable and helpful guys that work in the plumbing and hardware sections. Always so friendly, too.  It might cost a bit more there compared to the big box stores, but their customer service is not even comparable.

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