Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nothing much about nothing much

I guess I'm having kind of a blah week, so far.  Trying to dig into a project at work and keep my mind off all the co-workers I see go into my bosses office (my desk is right outside her door) for their annual review and come out all smiling and happy, knowing they got a nice increase in salary. Blah.

I made a couple loaves of banana bread on Sunday afternoon and mailed one to DD. The picture of herself she sent me when she got the box was worth the $11 to ship it priority - LOL.  I asked her if she was going to share any of it with her roomie or suitemates and she said maybe.....probably  not. She said her roomie's mom sends her homemade cookies all the time and not once has she offered one to DD. I'm like are you serious?! She can't even offer a cookie or set a couple out to share? w.o.w.  is all I have to say.

I'm watching season 3 of "Game of Thrones" from library borrowed dvds.  On Amazon Video I started watching "Justified" which I think there are 5 seasons or so. Timothy Olyphant. Enough said. 

I've still been knitting on my next blanket, but stopped night before last when I realized I had made a mistake the previous row. I haven't felt like figuring out what to do yet, but probably will get that taken care of tonight. Plus, I'll need more yarn in a day or so. I goofed on how much I thought was in a skein and that's all they had in stock at the time anyway, so I had gotten the 5 skeins.  I got them on a good sale price and now I don't want to pay full price, so I am kind of waiting to see if there is a sale again.  I'm sending up the blanket I made DD with her BF, who is going up to see her this weekend. He offered to come and pick it up (because he said she's mentioned the blanket to him like 4 times LOL), so I asked her if she wanted it up there (not knowing since it's kind of big and she's tight for space) and her reply was "OMG. YES!!", so I guess that answered that.

Sunday I tried to go to a few garden centers at home improvement stores to pick up 2 more whiskey/wine barrel planters, but apparently I'm still too early in the garden season, as no one has any in yet. I got our previous one's at Lowe's and talked with the garden center lady there and she said she knows they are on order, just not sure when they will be in. From trying to buy these previous years, it seems like they get a bunch in for the season and when they are gone, they are gone, so I was trying to make sure I got some.  I'll have to keep trying back every couple of weeks or so. I need one to match the one that on one side of our front arbor.  I want to flip the other one over and use as a rustic table in our fire pit area.

And I really need to get out taxes done. I HATE doing taxes- haha! Last night I just realized I still have a $25 Target card and a $50 Kohls gift card to use up. I need to do some shopping, I guess. I could use a new pair of jeans for wearing to work.


  1. I am predicting (i.e., PLANNING) to become a regular customer at the local garden center nurseries as well as Home Depot and Lowes in search of plants and flowers for the new yard. We are also hoping to get to Napa in the next month or so to visit a guy who makes furniture and fountains from wine barrels. We previously got a lovely fountain, but it was somehow damaged in transit and leaked once we go it home. He felt so badly about it he not only refunded our money but said if we decided to get another or anything else from him in the future to just call and he'd give us a 15% discount. We think we want one now.

  2. The fountain sounds awesome. Would love to see a picture, if you get one. I love going to the garden center. I could spend an hour just walking looking at everything. I also make at least one visit a year to this local guy who sells plants out of his front yard on spring and summer weekends. Most are $5 a plant in gallon pots. He has nice pictures in front of each group of plants, so you know what they will look like full grown/full bloom. He's really a sweet man who just loves gardening.

  3. I am sorry about your work. Don't let them get to you. Everything still covered in snow here.

  4. Thanks Gill! Sunny and really trying to be spring here

  5. new reader-- really enjoying your blog!

  6. Thank you so much for the nice comment!