Monday, March 16, 2015

My favorite things

I have several things I'm using right now that I really love:

Waze - a traffic app on my phone. I am in LOVE with this app. It literally saves me at least a half hour a day in commute time. I am getting to work in about 10 minutes less time and at least 15 minutes going home. It has not taken me more than 70 minutes to get home since I started using it. Though there were so many commutes home that were turning into 90 minutes to 2 hours before that!
Seriously, if you live in an area with a lot of traffic use this! Trust it's weird routes that you have never driven before. It works!  Plus, after 10 years of commuting home it's kind of fun to not know which way I'm going to be taken home.

Walmart Savings Catcher - Since using it last August I have earned back $134.17. I cashed in before Christmas, but now have $66 saved up again. My plan is to just leave it all building up until next Christmas shopping time. I figure I should at least have a couple hundred by then. It couldn't be easier to use. I just scan the little barcode thingy on the bottom of my receipt with my ipad mini (or you can key in the receipt #) and in a few days it updates with what I have saved by them finding lower prices at other stores in my area.  I save more on this than I was able to find using coupons, though of course I still use coupons when I have them.

Amazon Fire TV stick - once I finally got this thing working it is awesome. It loads the streaming services so much faster than the bluray player I was using (that stopped working). I push one button on the little remote and bam! either the Home menu is instantly on the screen or if I left off in the middle of a show it goes straight to that. Super easy to use and works great with our Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming services. (and who doesn't want to have Timothy Olyphant instantly pop up on your tv? LOL)

Amazon Prime - I paid for DD to have the student prime, but we all use it all the time. The free 2 day shipping is so nice and half the time the stuff gets here the next day. I've found myself buying stuff that ordinarily I would make a trip to the store to get, but since I know it will be here for sure in 2 days, I just order it from Amazon.  Saves driving and shopping time. Plus, I like the streaming tv and movie service that comes with it. I think it also comes with a free book a month and I need to figure out how to get that.  Once DD is no longer getting it at the student rate, I will probably pay the $99 a year for it and then cancel our Netflix subscription.


  1. I use the Walmart savings catcher. It is neat. I don't frequently shop there so my savings are small. But I figure I will just let the little amounts grow until I can get something of substance....I only have $8 right now!

  2. I wonder if we will get the Walmart savings catcher here in Canada?

    1. I'm up to $71 now after last Saturdays shopping trip. I got back $5.19 plus I used a $2 coupon on my bag of coffee.