Monday, March 16, 2015

Where did the weekend go?

The weekend went by so fast and I'm not even sure why! Sunday was just a weird day all around. I woke up to our phone/internet/tv service out.  It didn't come back on until 3:30 that afternoon. It was pouring buckets (we had like 2 inches of rain this past weekend) so I couldn't go outside and do anything in the yard.  So, I baked. I made some peanut butter cookies and then I made some "Blarney Stones" because DH has been asking for them. They are his favorite and something his mom always made.  DD and I tried to make them once before.....and now I remember why we only did it once before.  They are a big old mess to try and put frosting on the squares and then try to hold onto them to dip in the crushed peanuts.  I'm sure there must be an easier way.

DH was bored so he took a bag of the cookies and headed over to visit with a friend of his.  Who's gonna turn down a visit from a guy with cookies?! LOL.  About the time I was getting dinner ready a huge windstorm kicked in. I thought our house was going to blow away.  DH got home around 6:30 (I had a nice long quiet afternoon and a nap with the dogs), ate his dinner that had been staying warm in the oven and as I'm trying to frost the dang Blarney stones the power goes out. It finally came back on a little after 9, right as I decided I might as well just go to bed by then.

Woke up to a big mess of branches and tree limbs in the back yard and a panel of good neighbors fence (on the other side of his property) had blown over.  DH spent the day (luckily it was sunny today) cleaning it all up and running it through the woodchipper. He has spent the evening helping good neighbor repair his fence.

When I got home from work today DH was in the garage building something. A little squirrel or bird house (whoever decides to move in) out of some scraps.  Super cute. He hung it on the tree, went back to put his tools away and by the time he got back a bird had moved in :)  I put a few pieces of yarn out near one of the bird feeders, just to see if they will take them.

DD has finals this week and will be home on Friday, so I am ok if this week goes by quickly. I am taking next Monday and Tuesday off work to hang out with her, since Wednesday she leaves on a trip with her BF and another couple and then straight back to school.  Plus, I'm ready for a couple of days off work. It's always a long time between New Years holiday and Memorial Day weekend with no days off.


  1. That is super cute!

  2. I think that there should be a non-religious holiday in late March to get people through the long stretch without a day off.....I hear ya!

  3. we get a day off in February now, Family Day, here in Canada, also we get Good Friday off in April. Don't you get Presidents Day in February?

    1. Starting next year we will get Presidents Day off. For the most part it's a government, school and bank holiday here, but our company owners decided to add it in starting next year :)