Friday, March 27, 2015

End of the work week

A very short 2 day work week and I'm already anxious for the work day to end today and the weekend to start!  I had fun with my new little bank deposit scanner at work yesterday. A big stack of checks to deposit for almost $200k and zip then through the little scanner and the deposit is made. Handy new little gadget :)

We are still very much on track for getting a mid year bonus. If we keep on the same sales rate, we'll probably hit our end of June goal at the end of May. Currently we are almost double our sales from last year at this time. I don't think that has ever happened before. The economy must be picking up. We've even hired a couple more people this past month for new positions added, so that is good too.

I guess I don't need to fill up with gas tomorrow (I have been filling up every Saturday after grocery shopping, just to try and make the work week less hectic). I only drove to work one day this week and still have almost a full tank. Hopefully, it will get me through all of next week. I usually only use a little over a half a tank per week, so I should be good. Filling up each Saturday also seem to make the budgeting more "even".

The nicer weather can't come soon enough. DH really needs to get out of the house and be busy with yard work. He's on my last nerve - enough said. LOL. Today is mostly sunny, so maybe he'll be able to mow the lawn again.  That always takes up a good hour or more of his day and usually puts him in a better mood.  About a month ago I showed him the "health" app that came on our iphones, where it shows how many steps you walk in a day. I showed it to him because I was joking that he must walk a mile when he is on the phone with someone because he paces all around when he talks. He seriously does walk a mile or more! Some days (when he's feeling ok) he walks 3 or more miles a day! I can barely get in a half a mile, unless I'm out shopping. Though most of the time my phone is sitting at my desk and not on me. There have been a couple of days where he's walked 10,000 steps - and that's all from just in the house and around our 1.25 acre property (he walks the whole area almost daily to look for and scoop dog poop). Then if he gets on the phone he puts on a bunch of steps, LOL.


  1. I hear you on the weather! There is sooo much yard work to be done...I'm not a fan of the very early spring when everything is still so dirty and dark.

    We need a good rain and some sun!

    1. Thanks for commenting! I will enjoy reading your blog :)