Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pay Day

Today is payday, so I got my bills due paid online this morning. I do not know what is up with our health insurance company's online bill pay system. The first couple of months I ended up paying over the phone because I couldn't figure out how to log in. I keep a list of logins and passwords and what I wrote down wouldn't work. Last month I finally got it figured out, got logged in and decided to set it up on auto pay for the first of each month. I tried to log in this morning - just to make sure my auto pay was still set up and going to work and the password wouldn't work. Finally I had to request a temporary password and then reset the password. Just for kicks I then logged out and tried to sign back in with my new/reset password. Nope. Wouldn't let me log in again. Good grief.

I am finally starting to pay a little extra (just since last month) on our home equity loan that is interest only payments (for another 5 1/2 years and then switches to normal type loan payments). I am, for the time being, adding the $25 a month I get reimbursed from work for my home internet and whatever I earn on my PayPal debit card cash back, which is averaging about $30 a month. It's not much, but at least something will start going to that huge principal each month. I'm going to try to keep track of whatever else savings I have each month (if I under budget something) and start adding that to it too.

DD got home yesterday, took a nap and then made dinner for us, which was a nice surprise. She was super tired from their trip and a bit sunburned. She headed back to school about 8pm and got back there just before 10:30. Her first class today isn't until 10am so at least she'll get to sleep in a bit and rest up.  She didn't do that great on her grades last quarter. A C, a C+ a B and a D+ in physics. OUCH! She studies so much, but it's really her fault for not finding out what her grade was going along through the quarter. It seems these professors don't really tell you how they grade (curve or what) and a couple of times I'd ask and she'd say "I really don't know what I'm getting in that class". Well, get your butt in there and ASK! Tell the prof you really have no idea what your grade is and you need to know how you are doing throughout the quarter so you don't end up failing! She is going to go talk to an adivsor this week and see what she needs to do. She has to maintain a 3.0 to even stay in this business program/major.

Well, off to work for the day.

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