Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday morning

DH had a super productive (ie he over-did it physically) day yesterday. Me not so much. I had a terrible headache most all of the day.  He did his monthly spray for ants. (I still can't believe I paid almost $45 a month to have this done for 2 years!). Then he did a little bit of leaf blowing (I think he just likes to use it). After that he mowed and then sprayed some round-up weed killer around some areas. That all kept him busy for a good part of the day.

I went outside with the dogs for a late morning ball throwing session (just before the headache hit). The first thing I noticed when I stepped outside (with just a sweater on) was how warm the air felt. As I stood in the sun tossing the ball to the dog I listened to all the different bird sounds coming from all around. Then I noticed a little bird drinking out of our new bird waterer thingy. Then he got right in and was taking a bath with water splashing everywhere.  He was having a wonderful time. I wish I would have had my phone on me so I could have taken a video or picture.

DD texted. They are sightseeing around today and she's having fun. She'll be back Monday, but basically has to get her stuff and drive right back to school to start Spring quarter. Hard to believe after a couple more months she'll have finished a year of college already.  She's busy applying for summer internships, something she needs as part of her degree program. Hopefully she'll be able to find something fairly close to home and not be driving an hour or more each way.

I need to be productive today, besides just getting the grocery shopping done. The headache is gone and there is a whole house that needs to be cleaned. Best get it all started.