Monday, March 30, 2015

Not ready for Monday

After last week's 2 day work week I am so not ready to work all week.  Well, I guess technically it might end up a 4 day work week, since I start jury duty on Friday. Ugh! DD is supposed to be back sometime later this morning, but won't be heading back to school until this evening (waiting until after all the rush hour traffic is done) so at least I'll get to see her for a few hours after I get home from work.

I had to make another trip to Lowe's yesterday morning to pick up one more bag of weed and feed. I thought we had been getting one, but it's two needed. They also had some big bags of potting soil on sale, so I got a couple of those for when I plant flowers soon. While DH walked around with the spreader and applied the weed and feed and the insecticide on the lawn I got the vacuuming done.  Then I went outside and sprayed some clear sealant on that cute owl balancer I got for the yard. It was recommended if you wanted to keep the finish looking newer and not weathered. Trying to keep the dogs off the lawn area for 2 days isn't fun. I'm used to just letting them out and they go wherever they want (yard is fenced). Now we have to go outside with them and make sure they stay in the front gravel area or go way down in the back of the property.

Then I made a yellow cake for this week's dessert. Then I took a nap. Got up about an hour and a half later and just watched a bit of tv, while we waited until it was time to leave for our dinner reservation. DH tried to get out of it a couple of times, of course. LOL. Finally when I said that DD got us the $100 gift card and they also gave her a $20 gift card with it, but that card has an expiration date of 3/29. No sense in wasting that card and we've got to go sometime anyway.

Anyway, it was a delicious dinner, I wasn't really looking at the prices too close. We had $120 to spend. Well, it all came to $125! Plus I still had to tip. Honestly, $147 for some food is just not my thing.  We don't even drink alcohol, so I can imagine what it would cost for wine or drinks. DH ordered a coke and I had a lemonade. We had an absolute amazing appetizer of hot crab and artichoke dip. I had some clam chowder soup and DH had a salad. Then we both had the prime rib.  I couldn't even eat it all. We were both so stuffed when we got home. We brought home the leftovers and DH can have a steak sandwich for lunch and I'll take the leftover clam chowder. It was brought out to me with a bowl with some bacon pieces drizzled with something on the bottom of the bowl and then she poured the soup over it. Yum. She was a good waitress, so I gave her a 20% tip of $22.

At least tomorrow is payday....and then I get to pay my income tax bill. Oh Joy.

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  1. it's good to splurge every now and then. I do find those "fancy" meals very rich though!!