Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend wrap up

It's was a productive day yesterday. Kind of hard to waste a day as nice and sunny and 62 degrees as this! I made a cake in the morning, so we'll have dessert the rest of the week.  Then I went to Lowe's to pick up some "cat repellent". I figured I might as well go there for it and while there see if they got any of the whiskey/wine barrel planters in yet. Much to my surprise they did! I was only there last Sunday and they didn't have any in yet. I bought 2.   Yay!    My car smelled like wine on the way home :-)  I was happy to have them because I knew it would give something for DH to do. Even though the weather is really nice there still isn't really much to do with the yard yet.

We put one on the other side of the front arbor (so now one on each side) and the other one is turned over and a table in our fire pit area. I think I'll get one of those cute lanterns to set on there.  DH filled the one near the arbor up with rocks and dirt, so I'll only need a bit of potting soil when I plant flowers to fill it up the rest of the way.  Then I sprinkled the cat repellant around. I misunderstood DH as to where the cat was pooping. He was actually pooping in the barked area just near the back of our house - on each side of the arbor. Let's see if the stuff works - probably won't......he's a feisty old cat!

Then DH went outside to wash my car. I really did not feel like washing my car, but I went out to help him and he said I didn't have to help, so I said I'll go clean the bathroom instead. He even vacuumed out my car! He way over did it today.  Then I washed the 2 blankets from the back of my car (I thought they might still smell like the wine barrels and threw in the blanket from the sofa (that the dogs lay on) in the wash with them. All clean - or at least now we can sit on clean dog hair, LOL.

For some reason my back was really hurting - like it does when I vacuum or do the weeding (none of which I did) so I went and took a nap.  Got up and put a chicken, rice and vegetable dinner in the oven. A piece of cake was a nice end to dinner.

It was hard getting up this morning. I hate adjusting to the time change.


  1. Wonderful weekend! I don't adjust well to time change either. It does not help any of us that there is no sun either. i will have to start setting an alarm for myself now.

    1. at least we are having sunshine and warm days (though it's still almost freezing overnight)

  2. I think that most of the world does't deal with time change and if they say they are good with it, they are lying through their teeth haha. Wish they would leave it one way or the other. Glad you got so much done. I miss my hubby taking my car and cleaning it out real good. We have lots of those whiskey barrels around out area. If they are planted right they are beautiful. Like your writing by the way.