Saturday, February 28, 2015

Take some dang cough syrup!

DD has had a tough week. First it was the test score and then her roomie has gotten sick -  again. Coughing coughing coughing.  All night. DD hasn't been able to get very good sleep. She was so happy when roomie and a couple of her other friends went to a concert (a ways away) on Tuesday night and ended up spending the night at one of the girls houses closer to the concert. She got good sleep that night. DD offered to go to the store and get her cough syrup or something and she said she didn't want to take anything.

Even the suitemates on the other side of the bathroom were getting woke up at night. One of them even suggested taking some cough syrup and her reply was "I don't like it and it only works for a couple of hours". Nice of her to be considerate of those around her. I'll bet even the guy on the other side of her wall was probably getting woke up.

DD is realizing that roomie's rudeness and immaturity is with most people, not just her. I caught a small glimpse of it during move in weekend, when we all went out to lunch and she was acting a bit of a baby. One of the suitemates (who will be one of DD's roomies next year) went to this concert with her and said while they were driving down there the other girl was mentioning how excited she was for living arrangements next year (she will be DD's roomie's roomie - make sense?!) because since she came to the school winter quarter she didn't get to choose her roomie.  DD's roomie said "ya, me either". The suitemate told dd she thought to herself "wow! kind of rude since I am kind of one of your roomies, being a suitemate, but really a slap to DD".  DD and her roomie did pick each other!

Now DD is enjoying 4 nights of roomie-free sleep! Roomies mom came into town (an already planned visit) Thursday and will be there through Monday and roomie is staying with her mom at her hotel. I said good, now Mom can listen to her cough all night and hopefully will either get her to a doctor or at least some OTC meds.

I guess when roomie's mom came to the dorm (dd was in class) one of the suitemates said roomie made another rude comment about something, so really, they are all getting tired of her attitude. Like I told DD - only a few more months now and she can be back home in her own room and next year in an apartment with her own bedroom. I'm just glad dd hasn't gotten sick. She's tried to stay out of the room as much as possible, wipes stuff down a lot and hopefully her fairly healthy eating and every other day 2 mile run is keeping her immune system strong. When she was home a couple of weekends ago she and her BF went on a 10 mile bike ride.

And next weekend she gets spoiled at a B&B with her boyfriend :)  She sent me links to the place and I am jealous, haha! DD likes hiking and it looks like there are lots of hiking trails there.

On another topic, after a few days of rain and clouds here it's a beautiful sunny day.  Here is a picture taken from a back window - the sun just coming over the house from the front, casting a shadow. Our backyard sometimes reminds me a bit of a park and I especially love the early morning sun shining on it

In other know the neighbors behind us? the ones with one son in jail and one out on bail waiting his trial? Well, last night their 3rd (oldest) son was arrested and is in jail now too.  Booked on like 6 charges. 1st degree burglary, 3 counts of theft, driving without an ignition interlocking device and drug paraphernalia.  Wow - those parents have to be so proud.


  1. your garden is gorgeous and you have green grass..........ours is white as all we can see is snow.....LOL

    Your dd roomie does indeed sound very immature.

  2. Lots of green grass - until about July - then we have to water it to keep it green the rest of the summer.