Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bad test scores

DD is really struggling in her Managerial Accounting class. It really does appear to be the professor, in this case. DD studies for hours and hours.  So far she has gotten a 60% and a 66% on the two tests they have had. The class average on this last test was 65%.  In her previous 2-3 accounting classes she got 100%.  The professor doesn't actually teach anything. She assigns them the reading and then they come to class and are supposed to work on the homework assignments in class in small groups. DD said then it's loud and hard to concentrate to figure out the problems with everyone in the room talking in their groups.

After the first test I told her to go talk to the professor. Take her suitemate with her (she has this class too and is struggling) if she doesn't feel brave enough to go herself.  Ask her for help! Ask her how to get help! I kept throwing suggestions out to DD and she said "I'll figure it out"

So, she just emails me that she got a 66% on this last test and is so frustrated. She messaged me during class and said the prof just said "I know you guys aren't happy with these scores, neither am I. I'm surprised they are so low" and then she goes over the answers for the test. She said the guy behind her mumbled "then teach the class". I know DD studied for hours and hours for this test. I said if it were me, I'd be going through this test and it's answers with a fine tooth comb.  Did you end up finding these correct answers in the book? If so, then use them to help you figure out how to study. If not, then go ask the prof how you are supposed to learn this if it's not in the book and she isn't lecturing anything.  Then DD replies - she makes us give the tests back to her.  So I replied  - THEN go ask her if you can have it back or make a copy of it so that you can go over it and figure out what you are doing wrong!

DD's reply:  "I'll figure it out"
My reply:  "That's what you said last test :P"

Then I asked her does she at least score on a curve? and DD says "I don't know, I don't even think she knows". I said then ask her! Ask her in front of everyone, so that everyone knows! Don't be afraid to go ask her anything.  What's she gonna do? Give you a bad grade?

All's I can say is I'm glad it's not me having to go through all that again. Once was enough.


  1. My daughter had a teacher prof for he Ethics class. Instead of the prof, if I were her I would work with the T.A. on this if she has one or at least go to the learning center. They have tutors there and I'm sure someone has taken this class. At least at this point she is staying within the class average at this time.

  2. Tell her to use her cell phone to take pictures of the test before she hands it back in!

    1. That's what I told her - if you can't borrow it to make a copy then snap pics with your phone :)