Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What happened to my balance?!

I'm a bit frustrated this morning! At the beginning of January I purchased a discounted e-giftcard to Petco. After my purchase of dog food at the store I had $22.67 left on the gift card.I folded up the printed out e-card (with my receipt) and put in back in my purse to save for the next time I needed dog food. This morning I went online to make a purchase from and intended to use my e-giftcard - but apparently there is nothing left on the balance! I for the life of me do not remember going to Petco again in the last month!  It's a bit out of my way and usually the only thing I buy there is dog food. Maybe I went there for something this past month and just totally spaced it out. I hate when I can't remember something like that and there is no way to check what purchases were made against the giftcard.

If I had used up the whole balance on a later visit, more than likely my purchase would have been more than the $22.67, so I would have had to pay the difference and then used my debit card.  There are no Petco charges on my debit card. And even if I could determine that the balance somehow got used by someone other than myself, I'd have no way to get it back.  So, I'm left frustrated and wondering what the heck happened.

Anyhow - I did save some on my pet needs purchases today.  Black pup takes fish oil pills (he thinks they are treats) for his itchy skin and usually run me about $20 for a 100 day supply. I am currently out of those so decided to go online and purchase them (and use up my gift card balance). They were online sale for $13.99...but I didn't want to pay shipping and I am almost out of food for the other dog and cat food. All the pets food was on sale so I ordered a bag of each of their food. I bought a $100 e-card from giftcardzen (if I would have known my other one didn't have any balance left I would have bought a larger one!) for $85.  It's all being shipped and I don't have to make a trip to Petco.  Might be the way to start doing this and save me a trip and gas.

Speaking of pets - that reminds me I am a few days past due on applying their flea treatment. I usually buy a 4 pack (so last me 2 months for 2 dogs) and this is my last ones left, so time to order some more in the next couple of weeks. I usually search out the best prices online and purchase that way.  Sometimes it's Amazon, sometimes Ebay, sometimes from the pet stores.  Flea treatments are so expensive!


  1. That is strange ... it would drive me nuts. I wonder if your # was stolen or something???

  2. I bought a card from GiftCardZen and when I sent to use a month later - showed zero balance. They checked and refunded my purchase price - but was scary since it was a high balance card. You might want to see if they can help you at all. But lots of people see those numbers - so we try use the cards quickly.