Thursday, February 19, 2015

One problem fixed

I managed to fix one of my problems yesterday - the knitting mistake.  Thanks to commenter Joan's explanation, it was really an easy fix....but it sure looked like I was screwed! LOL Now I'm back to knitting away.

No luck on the tv stick for streaming. My IT guy had me check a couple of settings on my router, but all was good.  He thinks it must be either the router or the modem - probably the modem as it is the thing that got changed in the last couple of months (though I think my problem started before that change). The tv stick is connecting to my network now, but it's not letting me get through to the internet. Something is blocking it. I just don't get why every other device logged into our network works.  I'm very bummed. I just wanted to plug it in and have it work.

Sick germs must be going around the office again. I think I just got my 5th email that someone is out sick. This time it appears to be an upper respiratory thing. I have to go in the office later this morning. Let's hope all the sickies did stay home and I'll be breathing clean air.

DH got a chance to finally try out the rifle he built. Our good neighbor friend has the week off and he took DH to the outdoor shooting range that he is a member of. The gun worked, so DH was happy ;)  They are going to go again on Friday, so at least DH is getting a chance to get out of the house and do something fun and so is neighbor. Other than work he doesn't get out and do a lot, either.

I have another DIY project in the works. I found what I needed at Goodwill last weekend and hopefully will get it done this weekend. Stay tuned! It means I have to get the sewing machine out...

Look at this Walmart Savings Catcher refund on my last grocery shopping trip

For receipt 671026907816117422281, Savings Catcher checked advertised deals from top competitors in your area and found one or more lower prices. That means you get back $10.45!

That's the most I have ever gotten back! Nice! I am currently up to $55 in rewards for this year already. WOW! That's a great savings for one regular shopping trip. I haven't cashed in yet.  Trying to go as long as I can with saving it up. My goal is to make it until next Christmas shopping time.


  1. there are a lot of sickies around here as well!! Hope you don't catch it. We don't have that Savings Catcher thing in Canadian Wal-Marts?

    1. Walmart just started in here in the US last August. It's a pretty neat program and since August I've gotten back about $110