Sunday, February 22, 2015


DH and I and our good neighbor finally kind of "had it out" with the renter/drug dealing neighbors. Friday evening (still very light out) I went out into the shop to let DH know dinner was ready. The dogs had followed me outside and they started barking like crazy, so I went back out around the front to see what was going on.  The black S10 Blazer that has been in and out to renters house 25 or more times in the last week or two was driving past our gate (which is at the corner of our and good neighbor property) backwards, squealing their tires and with the window rolled down barking back at the dogs. A few feet later (in front of good neighbors driveway) they then hit the dirt and are making even more of a mess/noise.

I went back in the shop and told DH and he ran out there. By the time I got back out there (I was still standing inside the fence) he had stopped them in front of good neighbors and some yelling back and forth was going on.  DH telling them to show some respect while they are in our neighborhood, etc. Then the renters meth head son comes running up yelling "he didn't do anything!" Blah blah blah.  Then I notice our good neighbor walking up to all this (whew! made me feel better) and he stands there. Meth head kid tries (he's done this before) to charge DH and act like he's going to get right in his face or something so DH just 2 hands pushes him back. His dad (renter) was standing behind the car by this time and crabs his meth head (step) son and tells him to get in the house. Kid is screaming and his dad says "he did too do it, I saw him". He shoves the kid (he's like 19 or 20) back towards their house and tells him they aren't coming here again (meaning the car) and he goes inside and the 2 scums in the car leave.

Us and our neighbor are still just standing there looking at renter as he's standing part way down the street between his place and our good neighbor, like he's not sure what to do. Then DH says "all's we're asking for is some neighborly respect". Then renter walks down to the 3 of us and apologizes. Then he asks us if we still have our security camera's and we say of course and he says "well, we've been broken into twice lately. My (younger) son's school tablet is missing and my rent money was taken. ( don't think it's your own drug dealing kids and their lowlife friends that have anything to do with it??!!). That's why the cops were there 2 different times, taking theft reports. Good Neighbor asks did they forcibly break in (because he's thinking same as us - kids or their friends stole the stuff) and he says no, but I don't lock the deadbolts. Then he says "has your cameras seen anyone coming in back here around 2 or 3 am?  I literally think that us and good neighbors jaws hit the ground! DH just laughed and I said which night?! Then DH says there are people in and out of here at that time of night almost nightly.  He seemed surprised. He says that's the first time that S10 Blazer had been to his house and we are like Nooo, he's been here a whole bunch of times the past couple of weeks.

Dh says your 2 sons are out at that time all the time and he says "well I know C does, but not Z - he's got school, not allowed" and we say um ya....he's out there too, quite often. 

So I ask  you, is this guy just totally dumb and blind or is he just trying to play dumb so we all won't think he has anything to do with it? Then we bring up the 700 cars/walkers a month down the road to his house. I really don't think it was registering with him. Then good neighbor says you aren't here all the time, you are gone all day and sometimes for a couple of days at a time.  There are cars and people in and out of here all the time.  DH then says we moved to a private dead end street because we wanted peace and quiet, not 700 cars a month and I said that's more cars in a month then the two of us (and I point at good neighbor) go in and out in 10 years time. DH then brought up that the 3 of us had consulted a lawyer about the road easement and "reasonable use". He told him we definitely have a case to sue the property owner, but none of us want to spend money on that, so c'mon, let's show some respect to us. At least we let him know and maybe he'll pass that info along to his landlord (which is the guy on the other side of us, who has been out of the country the past 2 months). DH told him our lives have been miserable the past year and a half. We get no peace and quiet, we get woken up in the middle of the night on a regular basis and good neighbor has had these "visitors" onto his property twice.

DH says this is the same kind of "activity" that was going on AND a lot of the same cars now coming to your house that were at the house behind us and you know what happened to them...........

I think he's blind to most of it and doesn't want to see it. He is gone all day, probably goes to bed fairly early because he usually leaves pretty early like 5am. He's probably home relaxing for a few hours and then goes to bed early and has no clue what all those kids are doing the rest of the night.

We then brought up the terrible condition of the road due to his driving the semi truck in and out and he's totally tearing up the corner.  Big chunks are now breaking it apart. He said he is going to fix it soon, but I'm not holding my breath.

We all walk away and go back to our homes. A little while later renter leaves and doesn't come back until the next morning.  Of course our front camera catches his kids walking down the road at midnight meeting up with a car on the corner and then walk back in. A couple hours later at 2 am a car goes to their house for a short time and leaves.

We thought after the talk we might end up with a week or so of real quiet.  Again, I'm not holding my breath. I am glad that the 3 of us were all able to confront him together instead of just me and DH. It showed more of a "united front" and good neighbor did speak up a couple of times during the conversation, so that was good too. Now renter knows for sure both his neighbors are not happy with him.


  1. fingers crossed then something is done all about this craziness. Where is the mother to these kids? Or is she as useless as her husband?

    1. Oh the mother! She is a major meth addict. She moved in with them when they first moved in. She was the WORST! They had been separated before and she was homeless.....well all her homeless friends came to the house constantly all day (walked in) while he was at work. Finally, about a year ago he kicked her out and she hasn't been back since. So, ya they have great role model to follow.

    2. are the kids hers then? If so the guy is pretty nice to give the boys a home. He should up and move that would be the best for everyone.

    3. The oldest is hers, his step son. The other two, high schoolers, are his and hers

  2. Some people survive simply by blocking things out and living in denial. Sounds like your neighbour may be one of them.

    1. I think you are right. He spends most of his time working to support them and probably pretty much just needs to sleep the rest of the time. The 3 kids are pretty much worthless. No jobs, the younger two barely go to school and they are in an alternative high school now where they only have to attend 2 1/2 hours a day! The 20 year old is on drugs and that's all he does. He's kicked him out before. I'm not sure why he is putting up with him at this point. The 16 year old boy is pretty much a thief and the 17 year old girl doesn't do much of anything at all. I just wish they'd all move away!