Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What to get a guy for Valentine's Day

Dh and I don't usually give each other Valentine's Day gifts. We just had an anniversary and birthday last month and Valentines Day has never been a big deal to us, but I saw these on Pinterest and just had to get him some ~

Chocolate ammo! How cute is that?! Even if we did normally exchange gifts I'd never know what to get him and this is just perfect for a guy's type of Valentine's Day gift.  They have chocolate guns too, but I wasn't going to spend $32 (with the coupon code) and another $11 on shipping on a piece of chocolate, but the ammo with the cute can was only $11 and the 20% off code paid for half the $5 shipping.  He'll get a kick out of the originality of it :)


  1. It's our anniversary and we don't celebrate it either anymore. Still, that's super cute!

  2. Well I have a fully turned out female mink coat, it is knee length and i put on pearls and nothing else. He gets a mink in mink and has never complained.

    1. Out My Window,
      THAT is cute! I have been known to put on a trench coat and nothing else except earrings and heels. Then, I have to go and talk to him at work. I pray fervently the whole time I don't have a wreck or get stopped by the police.

  3. Those look like suppositories. Cute idea.

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