Saturday, May 21, 2022

Weekend what not

DD got me a nice new can opener for Christmas. I'd probably had the previous once since she was born, LOL. I've been loving the new one. Nice and sharp. Then all of a sudden I'm opening a soup can and mid way around it stops working. The knob/handle will not turn for anything. Dh looked at it and couldn't get it to work anymore either. What the heck?! It's brand new. Of course I had thrown the old yucky one out. Hopefully I won't need a can opener until I go shopping on Tuesday. And I'm going to buy 2.

The kitty litter cabinet arrived after dinner last night, so we got that put together. OMG. It took us like 3 tries. The end panel with the opening can go on either side, but since you put doors on the front, the bottom piece, which looks like it would go either way, then only has to go one direction. Same thing with the divider piece inside. Have that backwards and it's wrong. We'd fix one part and not realize the other piece was wrong. The directions were for having the opening on the left end of the cabinet and I wanted it on the right end. We finally got it and then we were like "oh! now we see what we were doing wrong, haha!" I left both doors open for now, just so he can see and know that's now where his litter box is. Once I feel he's got that figured out I'll start shutting the doors. Already looks much nicer than the big huge wire cage. DH is going to take the cage apart today and get it put back away in a closet we store it in.

I still have 3 big black bins (with the yellow tops) in the corner of my office. I decided to see what more I can get rid of. I was able to throw out a bunch of old papers from my side job. Folders with monthly reports I had used to post all the commission payments (back before I had 2 monitors and pretty much printed everything out. Now I rarely print out anything). Stuff over 10 years old. Definitely no reason to keep any of that. I filled up a garbage bag and took it out to our garbage can. I was going to do another bag, but dh had it pretty full with grass clippings from mowing, so I decided to wait and do the next bag after our next garbage pick up. I got about half out of 2 bins and was then able to combine what was left in the 2 bins into 1. So, now down to 2 bins in my office. I'd say half of what is still left is still old work papers that can be tossed. I did fill the 2nd garbage sack with papers, but since our outside can was pretty full, I just put it back inside the bin for now, but it will get tossed as well as more next week.

I want to get some kind of small cabinet with doors to put in the corner where the dormer meets the wall. I have no closet in this room (we should have put one in!) so no where to put stuff out of sight. I'd like some kind of taller cabinet (like chest height) that I could store stuff in, but still look nice. Maybe like a book case with cabinets on the bottom. I do have 2 2-drawer oak file cabinets, but they are stuffed full as well as my desk drawers and cabinet is stuffed.

I got a text this morning that FedEx is delivering my sofa bed today. Yay! It sounds like from the dimensions of the box it is basically in 2 halves that you put together and then add the side arms. Hopefully it's not as difficult to put together as the litter box cabinet - ha! At least it will be something we can manage to get up the stairs, where as a full sized sleeper sofa we would have needed help.

Dh also ended up talking to that lady who is running for sheriff and she sounded like a good option as well. But, from the sounds of things it will be a young deputy who will probably win and I honestly don't think he's going to be able to make a dent in our sheriff's dept's issues. He will be in way over his head with the administrative part of the job. Not to mention dh knows a guy who was a commissioner in the county this deputy is originally from and a few years ago, when he became a deputy in our county, this guy said get rid of him! He is bad news and gave dh some background. Yet here the guy is, now probably going to be our sheriff. DH said if the general election in the fall ends up between her and the current under sheriff, he will probably go with the current under sheriff. 

Our friends who are coming from Texas confirmed yesterday that her good friend and her hubby will be coming down (they live 2 hours north of us) on Saturday and spending the night, too. I think for that evening we will just take them all out to dinner at the nearby steakhouse. 

Last night a new little specialty food type store that opened up in the next town from us showed up in dh's Facebook feed. Looks like a cute store. The bins of caramels caught his eye, LOL. He said we should go check it out tomorrow. Oh, they have deli sandwiches too, that look good, we could go for lunch. Then he said "screw that! I'm not paying $14 for a sandwich!" There was a picture of some of the nice looking sandwiches and the price tag on the was $14. Seriously? In little podunk town Montana? Or are we just that out of the reality of what it costs now? haha. I said I would have been there in a minute if they were maybe like $8 or even $9. 

It poured rain last night. We just haven't really got any nice spring days yet. But that's kind of what it does here. We get about a week of spring and bam! it's suddenly 80's and summer.

DH is up now, so I'm off to get started on my chores. First up, wash our sheets and duvet cover.


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    1. that's the brand I'm thinking of getting. Thanks for the info

  2. Highly recommend the OXO Good Grips (the original style) can opener. I've had mine for 12+ years, paid $1.00 at an estate sale and it still works perfectly.

  3. Getting rid of old paperwork feels so liberating. Doesn't it? I hope Amos likes his new potty.

  4. ( Anne Bee ) we had a great wall-mounted can opener at the last house but I think we must have left it behind, on the wall, by mistake! I hope the new owners enjoy it!