Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Early morning and late start

Had a late start to work today. DH has an old childhood friend who lives on the other side of the state. He and wife were passing through this morning on their way to the coast and wanted to meet in town for breakfast. They stayed in a hotel in the city last night. DH had offered for them to stay here last night. I think his wife has a good friend in the city and when they are there they stay and have dinner with her and then just get a hotel there.  nyhow, it was nice to see them again (we saw them last summer when we went through their town on the way to Texas) and visit for a bit. 

DD, DH and I are all kind of having the mindset that having my mom go through neurologist visit(s) and tests to tell us (and her) that she has dementia/Alz isn't going to accomplish anything. Like dh said, at this point why push her to try to remember and do things she can no longer do? All's that does is make her feel bad and scared, etc. DH said seems to me it would be better when they are asking her all those questions or having her try to draw something to just say "great, you are doing great". I'm in agreement. We'll give the Aricept a try, but from every thing I've read it's like 50/50 if it even works and many have side effects that make it not worth it. It also seems like it's something better to take earlier on in this disease to postpone it a bit. At this point it's just important that she is taken care of and help with whatever she needs help with. She is 81years old. It's not like she got this early onset, which then of course I would agree to see neurologist, etc. She's not going to get better. I say just try to make her feel as comfortable, safe and routine as possible in her remaining years dealing with this disease. With the busy, tiring day, I figured she would have problems with her pills last evening. She got them half right - she heard the chiming, got up, thought it was the phone and tried to answer, but then she saw the lights flashing on the med dispenser and realized it was the pills. She got them dispensed by then didn't know what to do. Kept looking at papers on her desk mumbling that she wasn't sure if she's to take them or not. I watched for a couple of minutes and then I called. I didn't bring up the doctor visit or anything and she didn't seem to even recall about it. She asked something like "how was your day" or something to that effect, which led me to believe she already forgot I had been there.

I did get her new clocks set up yesterday and I'm hoping now having one of them in her bedroom will be helpful. Yesterday was the first time her little bedroom alarm clock was still the right time, but I replaced it with the new clock/calendar. I don't know if it was just a fluke but she only got up once during the night and right back to bed, and then not up until almost 6am. Then she went back to bed until 7am. I have found a lot of  nights (from the camera motion detection clips) she is up several times. Sometimes just walks out to her living room and adjusts the heat or will look at the clock there. I'm also glad the new clocks automatically adjust for daylight savings time. That will be a really nice feature to have.

We sure have been having crappy weather. Rain again this morning and cloudy. Then supposedly a nice day tomorrow and back to crappy weather for the long weekend. I was hoping we'd have a decent weekend, since our friends will be here. Usually by now it's nice and in high 70's, low 80's.

Goodness I am tired today and it's only noon. Probably from getting up an hour early, LOL. Of course dh, who doesn't listen very well, last night couldn't remember if his friend said they would be at the restaurant at 7am or 7:30 or if he said they were leaving their hotel in the city then. Well, it turns out it was they left the city at 7:30, so weren't to the restaurant until 40 minutes later. I could have totally just got up my normal time. Now I'm ready to grab a pillow and go lay on my new office couch and take a nap!

Ok, I can't keep my eyes open. That's all for today.




  1. She'd forgotten all that upset and upheaval of the memory clinic. That's good to hear. My MIL always had an ache or a pain as long as I knew her - asking her how she was always resulted in a grimace and a shake of the head and a description of a splitting headache or a severe pain somewhere. With the onset of dementia that all disappeared; she felt well, she said and had had a good day. Silver linings!

    1. for someone like that, that would be a silver lining! My MIL always had some ache and pain to complain about, too.

  2. Maybe it would be good to know the exact state of her dementia. And, she forgets about it so her anguish at memory loss is not something she remembers. Ask the doctor what good it does to know. His answer might give you a clue as to how helpful the tests are. You know doctors like to give tests. I imagine a neurologist likes tests more.

    I despise getting up too early for something that is not happening!

    1. Me too about getting up early!
      I'm sorry I can't comment on your own blog PP.
      You and OF are favourite blogs of mine but Google has decreed I can only comment on one!
      Apologies to both of you.

  3. I wouldn't put your mom thru all the extreme tests. The results are what they are. I think the medicine is worth a "try".