Friday, May 20, 2022

Fix it Friday

I was kind of excited this morning, thinking both my new office sofa and the kitty litter cabinet were coming, but now the tracking for the sofa shows it didn't get anywhere closer yesterday, so it's not out for delivery, yet tracking still shows delivering today. But, the kitty litter cabinet is supposed to deliver and that is coming UPS and they are usually accurate with their tracking info and don't typically have the delays that FedEx does.

I'm excited to get my office to a more finished look. Of course then I will need some throw pillows for the sofa....and a picture on the wall above it, LOL.

Still trying to nail down dates to go visit my half sister. DD and I were thinking either of the last 2 weekends in August. One of sis's daughters now lives in another province, where she works, and she was hoping to be able to come home while we are there to meet us, too. Sis suggested our Labor Day weekend (they have a long weekend too) but dd has plans that weekend, with tickets they have already paid for, so she can't do that weekend. Sis said her dd is coming home this weekend so she will see if she can make one of those weekends work. Apparently her job is brutal. She took a job working with a phase of the pipeline in Canada. She works 12 hour days, 6 days a week, and only has Sundays off. 9 months into about an 18 month job. She is super tired and burned out. Who wouldn't be working like that non stop. While she's making insane money, she's trying to stick it out. I don't know how anyone can work 72 hour work weeks for 18 months straight.

The local political race for our district state rep is getting very heated. Long story short this district is about 70% conservative. Democrats rarely even try to run. The incumbent (R) has someone running against him this term and we are voting on the primary to decide which one gets to go to the general election in the fall. The incumbent, everyone is pretty much starting to figure out and pay attention, is really pretty much a Dem. His voting record sides with them most of the time. So, now he's running a nasty campaign against his opponent, which I don't think sits well with a lot of folks around here. Even to the fact that Mr and Mrs Neighbors, who have always voted for him, did not this time. We are not voting for him and dh went and chatted with young neighbor couple down the street and they said, no they are not voting for him. I have a feeling this new guy might get enough votes. It will be interesting. The actual primary election is on June 7th, I believe.

So, we continued earlier this week to hear the rapid fire gunshooting......until (I think it was Tuesday) a whole bunch of law, a helicopter, drones and search and rescue showed up about 2 miles farther down river (a body recovered from the river). Well, no shooting since, as I'm sure the a-hole didn't want to draw attention to himself. So, it's been totally quiet now the rest of the week.

DH wasn't too satisfied with the deputy's response from that call back he got last Saturday. He decided to ask for a call from the Under Sheriff (head sheriff is on a sick leave right now). He wanted to say, while the deputy was totally calm and respectful, he's having a hard time agreeing with nothing can be done about this constant shooting and disruption. The first thing the Sheriff said was "he called you? he didn't come out to your house?" DH said no, it was a call, which was fine....Sheriff said no, our policy is we go out in person. (ooops). Then he said he definitely agrees with dh, something needs to be done and there is no reason they can't go out there and figure out who is doing it and talk to them. Especially as if it is who we all think it is, they do not live here, they just visit. After dh got off the call with him I asked dh if he basically gave same answer as deputy, that they aren't doing anything wrong by shooting all the time like that and he said, no, the Under Sheriff seems like he is willing to try to do something about it, if/when it comes up again. He is also one running for sheriff, so dh was impressed with how he handled the call with dh. 

Mom had a good day yesterday. She even took her pills all on her own, without a call from me! Right before it was time, I opened the live view and was about to call her and saw her retrieving the pills from the cup. She then walked right over to her sink and took them! Yay! I got a little break :)

The friends coming next Friday is getting closer now. I need to get my lists made and my to-do's done. Next Friday will be here before I know it. 

I just got a reminder notice from my outlook work calendar that I need to cancel that free 3 months subscription to Apple+ tv (that came with our new phones). There is nothing I'm watching on it right now, though I did watch 2 excellent series (Ted Lasso and Severance) and once those shows are back for new seasons I will definitely subscribe and pay for a month or two. It's not very expensive, but if I'm not watching anything on it right now, there is no reason to start paying $5/mo or whatever it cost.


  1. Wow, what a schedule your sister has!!! Still, sometimes it can be worth it to make that kind of money - well at least if you can keep up physically. And I hope your crazy shooter gets sorted out this time, once and for all!

    1. it's her 25 year old dd that has that work schedule. There is no way my sis could do that haha. She's just like me ;)

  2. I am glad your mother took her meds on her own. I wonder how long this will last. It's about time someone paid attention to the shooter. Of course, if the guy is running for office, I hope he does what he says if he wins. Dogs barking are making me nuts, so I cannot imagine what shooting would do for me!

    1. oh, I'm sure the taking her meds on her own is a fluke, at this point. I don't expect it to happen too often, but it's nice when it does on occasion. Yes, sheriff could just be trying to appease dh. BUT, he better fix it before next fall, when the general election is, LOL