Thursday, January 28, 2021


We did end up getting another one of those stupid calls yesterday afternoon. I recognized it as in the same series of phone numbers and told dh to just not answer it (he has a phone also at his desk) but of course he did and of course he either couldn't hear what they were saying or they were saying nothing. He did of course just tell them to stop calling and take us off their list. I really don't get why these kinds of companies do the repeating calls all day long. Do they really think by the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 15th time I'm suddenly going to say "oh hi! glad you called! Let me buy what you are selling!". 

Speaking of spam, last couple of times I checked my blogger comments to make sure I hadn't missed any I noticed that blogger had automatically marked a whole bunch of new spam comments as spam. I didn't have to go and mark each one, as usual. That was helpful.\

I see that my mom finally got on her email and saw the email I sent with her list of banking transactions she needs to write down. I'm hoping that made it a bit easier, but my guess is she probably saw the email, told herself, oh, I'll do this later, and then forgot about it again. And then one of these days she'll be calling me up wanting me to help balance her check register. 

As of right now, with my mortgage refinance, the only document I need to still get to them is my most recent 2nd mortgage statement. Ugh. The bank sends me a paper statement for it each month, but I am set up to auto pay, so several months ago I just started throwing it out, and now of course I need it. I sent a message through my bank asking for it, so hopefully that will get done today. They don't have an option to view/print the loan statement online, like they do with the checking account. I'm sure though, I'll end up needing more docs for the re-fi - it's never that easy.

I need to start working on a grocery list, so I can put in an online order to pick up Saturday. We made it 3 weeks since last trip, but are getting pretty low on the stuff we use up fast. I did make one trip to town, in between, for more milk and a couple other things. I also need to stop by the feed store and get more chicken feed and bedding.

There was this reclaimed wood and metal, kind of a cross between a coffee table or could be used to set a tv on, on Facebook Marketplace that dh really liked. I messaged the guy twice over the weekend and he finally messaged me back the other day. He said it was sold, but had a couple other sorta similar for sale, but I didn't like those. I'm not sure what his deal is, a small furniture store or what...but he said his Idaho store has one he can get brought over and be here by Friday. I said great! Let me know when it's in and we'll come and get it. Then he wanted a 25% down payment to get it here from the other store. I said no thanks. We're not interested in prepaying something on Marketplace, so if he gets another one in stock some time, message me. Whatever. Obviously he didn't have any problem selling the one he had advertised and now has another buyer (me), so get another one to your "store" or whatever you have.

I need to clean up my office. It's a mess of too many papers and empty boxes, a dead monitor and cables that didn't work.


  1. I was so angry at one guy that I told him that when I found him, I was going to rip his throat out. He said I threatened him and he had it on tape. I told him I did not care, report me, his company would love the negative press. Well, you know I am just a crazy, old What can they do to me? And, of course, I have no way of finding him.

    1. I just don't get how they think calling over and over is going to make anyone want to do business with them. Every single time the connection is so terrible I can barely hear what they are saying. I almost wish it would be a decent connection and if they call again I'm just going to play along for as long as I can and waste their time, LOL.

    2. LOL Rip his throat out.. I love it..

  2. We get spam calls all the time and I just checked my blog I have a TON of spam comments on each post from the same person I have to go and delete.. Some people have nothing better to do in life than cause trouble for others..