Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Slowly but surely getting decor added

The loveseat for the upstairs open loft area arrived this morning. A bit "off" on the automated texts I was getting as to when, haha. I got a text yesterday saying they would come between 8 and noon. Then I got a text at 8:30 saying they'd be here in approximately 3 hours. Then about 20 minutes later they showed up. DH and I managed to get it upstairs by ourselves. It wasn't super heavy, just big and awkward and a bit hard for me to back up the stairs, but we figured having him on the bottom, where most of the weight was leaning, would be better.

Here it is

Seems nice and comfortable. I will probably get some different pillow covers for the throw pillows and now I think it needs another of the chair, to help balance it all out, but at least it looks much better up here! I'll live with it awhile like this to see if I still think it needs another chair. I think this loveseat is better quality than the couch and loveseat we got from Ashley Furniture in our living room. Even the "legs" to screw on the bottom were wood, not plastic like my downstairs furniture. And so far, no problems with the dogs thinking it's a new place for them to sleep. I just said "leave it" and they are ignoring it. I will probably do a few other "tweaks" to this area. A throw blanket and maybe different pillow covers for the throw pillows. I'm still looking at floor lamps to put by the chair.

I'm still loving this coffee table for this area

The 2 lamps I ordered for the nightstands in the "bear" bedroom also arrived today. I was so excited to get them and could tell right away there was broken glass sound and one of the lamps had broken glass. I'm so bummed. I have put in an email to customer service so hopefully it will get replaced soon. Too expensive of lamps to not really protect during shipping! They are cute lamps though!


  1. The loveseat looks nice. Too bad about the broken lamp. I cannot wait for the bird lamp to come.

    1. thank you :). Apparently now the birdie lamp is on backorder and not in stock until end of January. Darn!