Wednesday, January 2, 2019

No answers yet

My first call this morning was to our insurance agent that we have our "course of construction" insurance policy with. He wasn't sure, but didn't think this is something the insurance policy for construction would cover. But he will verify with the insurance company the policy is through. It's been almost 3 hours and still no answer. Of course, he said it should be the contractors responsibility. So far, there has yet to be anyone (except the contractor) who doesn't say he should be the one who has to pay for it (or his insurance). Both of our subcontractors, who are doing the insulation and hvac, and who apparently both are also/or have been general contractors, say this is most definitely the contractors responsibility. The insulation guy said most contractors would have fixed the problem as soon as it started, before the homeowner even knew there was a problem. The mold remediation guy said the same thing. He also said this work they do are almost always done through insurance, in his experience. Like DH told him, knowing that and getting our contractor to cooperate, fix it properly, and pay for it is another thing.

I'm not sure why it's taking the agent so long to find out whether or not it's covered. In the meantime, I pulled what documents I have on the policy. I don't have a lot, but there is a line that says "Limited Fungus coverage" of $15,000. I don't know what fungus would be, other than mold? There is also a line that is "Pollutant clean up and removal" $25,000. Wonder if mold would fall under that? I guess I'll have to wait to hear back from the agent. I'll give him another couple hours and then going to call back and push him some more to get me a definitive answer.

In the meantime, the remediation company's estimate email came. $23,500...............excuse me while I go throw up.....again.


  1. Oh Lordy, keeping my fingers crossed for you. I mean, it seems more than logical that their insurance should cover it doesn't it, but we all know what insurance companies are like. Good luck.

    1. it's not very good news. I just posted an update :(