Tuesday, September 19, 2017

On to Tuesday

Well, I made it through Monday. DD wasn't working so she was texting me off and on throughout the day. She and BF and his parents had taken a quick (and long) trip over the weekend to attend a relative of BF's 65th wedding anniversary and they got home last night, after having been in the car since 4:30am. She will be dragging at work today.

I went to the post office yesterday afternoon. I needed stamps and to drop off the form for keeping the PO Box. The lady that works the counter is always really nice and she said does it feel like you have lived here a year already?! No, it does not!

DH is starting to stain the boot bench today. We most likely do not have enough stain left. I wanted him to use the same color stain as he did the sofa table in, not the stain he did the blanket ladder in. The blanket ladder we bought Walnut and two cans of it. He used most of one can (made a ladder for me and one for DH). The Red Oak stain we bought later and only bought one can. He kept trying to convince me that since the Walnut can was almost gone, he used that on the sofa table. Finally, I reminded him we had bought two cans of walnut and which was which. (not to mention you can tell just by looking at the two pieces which color is which LOL). I don't know if the small hardware store or the lumber store here in town carries Minwax brand stain.  Most likely I will be going to find out soon!

Renter neighbor is for sure moving his GF in.....what a scumbag he is! At least let your wife get all her stuff out first. Shaking my head........

Want to hear another reason these wildfires are a big money grab? DH's friend has a friend who "rented" his utility vehicle (a side by side) to the Forest Service.......at $250 a day! He made $10,000 of renting it and told friend "I hope the fires keep burning" Seriously?! That is what is wrong with this whole thing and why the fires were let get out of control. M.O.N.E.Y. (tax payer money). ok, off my soapbox and back to work.


  1. Sorry the GF is moving next door. Sounds like he is not planning on moving any time soon.

    1. apparently not. Major bummer! She and her two kids will probably be worse than his wife and 2 kids, what do ya want to bet?!