Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday: food and other stuff

Trying to make all the food we bought on our city shopping trip last Saturday night last for at least a couple weeks of meals before I have to restock for dinner stuff.

Here's what we've had so far:
Sunday - Steak and green beans
Monday - BBQ spare ribs and corn on cob
Tuesday -  Bertolli chicken marsala w/potatoes
Wednesday - Hamburger Helper, corn, applesauce

Thursday - Nachos

Coming up:
I have no idea! Ugh! I get so tired of meal planning. Usually I just jot down a bunch dinner meals and then assign them a day of the week. Ok, let's see what I can come up with with what I have

Taco Soup (leftovers in freezer from recent meal) DH noticed this in the freezer and asked for it again already. Yay!
Something with chicken breasts - usually I do a rice/chicken type casserole
Bertolli chicken marsala (DH's fav so he doesn't mind having each week)
Tuna casserole
Chicken sandwich ring using crescent rolls
and Lasagna. I got my moms old recipe and bought all the ingredients. Just haven't felt like making it yet.

It sounds like we'll have a house guest for at least one night around the 14th. If so, we'll probably just take him out to dinner to the restaurant here in town. Other than having Wendy's fast food last weekend ($12) we haven't spent any money eating out in a few weeks. Our dinner out with neighbors last Friday night was paid for by them (we paid the first dinner out and I think they paid as a thank you to DH for helping him work on his little pickup for a couple of afternoons, putting new clutch in).

We ended up under budget on the water well by about $200. We budgeted $6000, since of course they never know for sure how far down they'll need to dig, but we had a good estimate by the well guy and also knowing how far down our neighbors well is.  That pretty much drains our savings, as we weren't expecting to have the well guy out until like November! Oh well, it's done and we had the money. The next thing we are saving up for is the rock for the retaining wall DH wants to put in. We got a great quote from the local guy - now we just need to save up for it, but we should at least be able to have them deliver the first half of it in another month/6 weeks and that would keep DH plenty busy until we could save up for the other half.

Aside from the fact that now we know exactly where our well is, DH keeps messing with the site plans, over and over. Moving the house and shop 10 feet, 15 feet. But then that would mean this or that or the other. I finally told him it makes absolutely no difference to me. It all looks in general in the same area of our property. It really doesn't matter to me LOL. He kept drawing and re-drawing it all out and finally I'm like why don't you just make cut outs of the house and shop and them move them around on your land layout page? rather than draw it out 10 times to move it around a few feet. DUH!

Then he keeps stressing out over wanting to make sure our neighbors who already have a house next door aren't upset that our house or shop is facing this direction or that! WHO freaking cares? I'm sure they certainly didn't plan out the layout of their house worrying about future neighbors (I know they didn'tP. It's our land and our house. We can put in wherever we want to. If they didn't want to look at a shop or the back of a garage I guess they should have bought out this whole 15 acre subdivision, right?! We'll have enough to stress over vs worrying about other people and their personal tastes! Bottom line is it will be a very nice house and fit in with the intention of this subdivision for a quality home. Not to mention you know DH and how he likes to landscape. It will be amazing.


  1. I would rather look at the back of the shop or garage than your front door or bedroom windows. Unless he plans to stack junk back there and let the weeds grow up, I cannot see what is the difference. Besides, if he plans to stack stuff, he can always put a little fence there to hide it.

    I am with you--put the house where it pleases you. I would be worried where the sun sets on the house. I would prefer the kitchen window face the north or south, not where the sun rises or sets because of the heat. I like to see out the kitchen window as I wash dishes. If I had a choice, I would prefer not to have the sun there.

    1. Exactly my thoughts! Our front entrance of our house (though it sits back quite a ways to be as close to river as we can get) faces the street. The attached garage is kind of at an L-angle, so faces towards center of our lot. The shop doors will face into center of property. There will be ZERO weeds and ZERO stuff stacked outside the shop or house, other than lawn, shrubs and trees. The other people didn't want to have their garage facing the street as they came in their driveway, so their 3 car garage doors face sideways to our property. We do plan to put up a fence (though a see through wire kind) and I guess if they don't like looking at our place, they can put up a wood fence on that side. ha! Fortunately for most of the daytime sun we will have big trees shading the house, so that is great. We actually ended up flopping our house plan over, so that our master bedroom would be on the side opposite them. Why? because they have a big dog run and currently now are up to 4 big dogs (a whole other story) and farther away to listen to the barking that goes on........

  2. I agree. Don't worry about your neighbors. Put the house where you want it! Since you'll also be on water (we live on a lake), I'd be all about maximizing my view.