Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Extra earnings update

I tried really hard this past month to earn a little extra money through some online methods. My best month so far, for a total of $89.72.

Swagbucks: I earned $44.04, which is the most I have ever earned through them for one month. I would/should have earned another $18 for another offer I signed up for, but I didn't get credit for. I have been emailing and sent them copies that I signed up and paid for the service, but a resolution is still pending. I'm not real happy with that one! I spent $10 to sign up for the offer and was supposed to get $28 back in points.

PayPal Debit card cash back: I earned $18.51. Not as much as I used to earn each month before we moved here. I can't pay all my bills online with my debit card (some are only set up for bank EFT - they are still about 10 years behind here LOL) and for some stupid reason the Walmart here will not take this debit (mastercard) card. I can order online with Walmart using it, no problem, but not in store. Not in the other grocery store I frequent or Walgreens here, either, but I can go next door to Home Depot or Lowes and use it no problem. I never once had an issue using this card in our old state at any store. PayPal nor Walmart can explain why it denies my card in store. So, I lose out on earning by paying for my monthly groceries with it. Bummer.

Google Adsense: $25

I also signed up for Survey Junkie and earned $2.17, but I haven't tried to do that since I signed up. I kept getting denied for all the surveys the first couple of days, so didn't get too excited about that one.

I am STILL trying to get approved by Amazon Payments so that I can try out the M-Turk for earning. It's been like weeks now. I got approved by M-Turk. The next step was to set up an Amazon Payments account and verify my email. That got verified and then the next step was to verify my identity, which was supposed to take 24-48 hours. It's been weeks now and my email to check on the status was replied back to last week with a "we'll get back to you in 24-48 hours" and now that's been another week. I don't get it. I have an Amazon account. I have an Amazon Store credit card. How hard can it be to verify me to receive payments?

My credit score went up 1 point to 731.

My 401k balance went up from $67,950 to $69,202. I started the beginning of this year at $54,595.

I have $5,000 saved up for the water well drilling cost and $940 saved up for my misc things (taxes on my self employment income, travel, etc). Not all of that was saved up in one month - it's just what my total is up to now.

Let's hope September is an even better month for extra income!

My daughter texted me yesterday saying she wanted to find a way to earn a little extra each month...maybe surveys or something she could to in the evenings? So I messaged her back about Swagbucks and to also check into M-Turk. She's pretty sure she already has an Amazon Payments account (how does she get one and not me? LOL) for when she sold a few textbooks online a couple years ago. She also has a PayPal account and I suggested getting the cash back debit card and putting everything she can on that to earn a little extra each month. She wants to save for getting a dog and the related expenses each month.


  1. You are rocking it! Keep pushing for that offer from Swagbucks. That kind of stuff irks the heck out of me. Also, don't forget to cancel Hulu, unless you plan to keep it. I went ahead and canceled ours today, although can continue watching until the end of the 30 days. I would also email Amazon regarding M-turk. Their customer service is usually very good.

    I am just pennies away from receiving my very first check from Adsense. I still need to look into how it all works. I think it will be exciting when I do get paid especially since I'd blog even without the added bonus!

    I'm feeling good things ahead this month for all of us! Congrats on your successes thus far!

    1. yes, I'm going to keep pushing Swagbucks. I have a note on my e-calendar to cancel Hulu before the month is up. I have emailed Amazon Payments verification email like 3 times. Getting frustrating. When I set up my adsense account (which also took awhile to verify) I input my bank account info and once it hit $100 I got a direct deposit on the 22nd. It sounds like they pay out around 20th of each month.

    2. I'd call Amazon directly to find out what's going on. 1 (888) 280-4331 is the number. I'd love to see you do M-turks so we could compare notes. Lol. Thanks for the info about adsense. This may just be the month for me. Lol.

    3. ok, I just talked to someone on the phone. Not sure I really got anywhere or any answers LOL. She put me on hold for a minute or two to do some checking. Then she came back on and asked what I was wanting Amazon Payments for, to be a seller? I said no, I signed up for M-Turk and it required me to sign up for Amazon Payments in order to receive payment. Then she said she needed to fill out a registration form and put me on hold another minute. Then said it's being sent in and I should hear back in a day or two. I'm sure I'll be calling back, haha.

    4. Perseverance may become your word of the week! Lol

    5. Yep! Swagbucks has until Friday and they get either another email or call. Last Friday said 3-5 business days. One email from them said it's possible "ad blockers" caused it. Why would it block that one and not the Hulu deal? I don't even know if I have adblockers lol