Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Blue skies

The wind kicked in Saturday afternoon and cleared out all (or most) of the smoke in the air. So much nicer. We can see the sky again. Starting tomorrow will be a big change in the weather temps. Down from 89 today to 56 for the high on Friday! Looking forward to that. Maybe even rain on Thursday and Friday.

Sunday we ended up spending like two hours taking apart my 6 month old Dyson vacuum trying to figure out why it was smelling (like hair burning) when using it. I had cleaned all the long black dog hair from the roller brush. We ended up having to take the whole cleaning head unit apart. The roller brush on this unit is in 2 pieces and there was hair wrapped around where the brush attaches to the part that spins it. On one side it had burned into the plastic! We thought we were going to have to re-order that part, but DH cleaned it really good and so far it works good again. Not sure how long that part will last, as it was damaged a bit, but for now it will be ok.  Then we ended up using the air compressor and blowing out all the dust from the whole machine.  Dang dog with super long fur!

DH's friend from TX showed up about 11am yesterday. He couldn't stay the night, but we got to visit with him until about 7pm and then he got back on the road towards his final destination. I ended up taking the rest of the day off. We went out to lunch at the restaurant here in town, then drove him out to our property to show him and drove around the area a little bit. Got back home around 4pm. Then I made some chicken/rice/veggie casserole for dinner and he had dinner with us. He was heading back "home" for the first time in 2 years since he and wife moved to TX.  He said he'd rather just stay in Texas, but he needed to go help his brother out.

I had emailed my boss like a week ago, asking for a few days off at the end of September. I'm going to drive over and visit mom and DD, and if my boss was going to be in the office that Friday afternoon, I wanted to stop in and see her.  She never answered my email (she's been so busy lately), so I sent her a reminder about it this morning. She was like "certainly, it will be great to see you" and then another email "should I be worried about anything?". I said "OH NO! I just want to see you and say HI! I didn't want to come over and not stop in the office". 

I'm still getting nowhere with Swagbucks for the $28.00 they owe me and nowhere with Amazon getting set up with Amazon Payments, so that I can do the M-Turk work. So frustrating. My DD signed up for the M-Turk, got approved, then did her part for Amazon Payments and got approved right away.


  1. M-Turk? I will have to look into that. I already have Swagbucks, its a slow nickel, but beats nothing!

  2. apparently on M-Turk you can do little online jobs and earn as much as $7/hr. It's slow too earn too, from the sounds of it, but I had hoped to figure it out and earn a little extra each month. It will be interesting to see how my DD does with it.

  3. Glad you are getting a little reprieve from the smoke.

  4. I'm glad you can finally breathe and see a blue sky. That would mean a lot to me. I take apart things that seem to be burning, too. Did it quit smelling like burn? It does seem strange that daughter was approved right away and you have to wait. Hopefully, it will be approved for you, too.

    1. yes, so far it quit smelling like burn. I'll have to really keep the roller brush free from the long fur all the time