Saturday, September 2, 2017

Last night we went out to dinner with our neighbors across the street. Had an enjoyable evening with some good food. They have lived in this town their whole lives so pretty much know everybody and the wife works at the elementary school, so pretty much knows what's going on with most stuff. LOL. She was saying that when she got pregnant with her son 30 years ago she went to the doctor office in town for the test and left the office to go home(like a 5 minute drive) and wait for her husband to get home from work so she could tell him.....she walks in the door and her phone is ringing and it's her mother in law saying "so I hear I'm going to be a Grandma?" LOL.

We were kind of curious why little boy next door wasn't going to school all week, when school started, but she told us Kindergarten doesn't start until next Monday. She's like "we don't want all those little boogers there the first week" haha. They've been wondering what the heck our next door neighbors are doing day it will seem like they are moving out and the next not.

Got outside this morning and watered all my flowers before it got 96 degrees. Oh and 99 tomorrow. Oh Joy! DH went and filled his pickup up with diesel. Just likes to be prepared with a full tank. You never know. Chatted with the neighbor (who we went out to dinner with last night). They are watching their daughter's dog and all the dogs decided to meet in the field between us for a meet and greet.

We've decided to give "going to the city to do our grocery supplies stock up trip" in the evening a try. It's Saturday, it will be after dinner. I don't think most people grocery shop then. We'll head in about dinner time, swing in Wendy's for a couple of burgers and then to Target and then the grocery store next door. DH is taking a nap right now and then we'll take off.


  1. I don't know where you live, but people do shop on Sat night unless there is a game on tv. You might check on games and go when one is on tv. At WM here the kids attending movies spend Fri and Sat evening riding the electric carts so people who need them have none. The teens push each other in the carts, whoop and holler. The teens play with balls, bikes and anything else they can get from the toy section. It's a nightmare on Fri and Sat night. Parents of these teens are not present.

    1. we just went to Target and a grocery store. I was just trying to avoid the Friday afternoon, Saturday during the day crowds that always seem to be worse, then right after dinner on a weekend night.