Sunday, June 29, 2014

Accessorizing on the cheap

With the "new" bathroom comes the "need" for new accessories.....something I really didn't think to budget for!  So, that means spending a little extra time finding low priced items.  I wanted a new pump hand soap dispenser, drinking cup, toothbrush holder, waste basket and toilet bowl brush. I found a waste basket for $5 last weekend at Ross.  This morning I went to Walmart - the next cheapest place.  I found a fairly plush rug for $17. I would have spent more on this item - when it comes to a bath rug under my toes, the plusher the better. This one is ok....mostly it met the criteria for being a dark chocolate brown color. I also bought 2 soft hand towels for $3.88 each.  I still need another small bath mat to go in front of our shower door.  I'm thinking a bamboo type, just for the change in textures from the plush carpet rug. That's about $15 at Walmart, but looks like I have to order it. I might check around some others stores first.

I looked at Walmart's liquid hand soap dispensers and matching cup -$12 for the soap dispenser and $8 for the cup. Honestly, I was not paying $8 for a cup, just because it matched.  Our next stop was Ross. They had the EXACT same hand soap pump and cup!  $5 and $3 each.  Sold! 

Now I needed to look for 2 pictures. A larger sized one to hang on the wall above our garden tub and a medium sized one to hang over the toilet. I was thinking floral's, but just wanted to look at everything and see what caught my eye. of bathrooms to put in a bathroom don't catch my eye, LOL.  The last one we looked at, hiding behind another picture, I liked.  Pretty floral and a few small birds, including a hummingbird.  $13 bucks. Sold!

I'm going to do some looking around at Goodwill's and thrift stores for the larger picture over the tub.  Hopefully I can find something I like and very cheap.

I thought I would need a new hamper, as our blue hamper just doesn't match at all with the new colors, but haven't found one yet.  I mentioned it to DH (our blue bathroom hamper is in our bedroom, next to our other hamper, at the moment) and he said, No! I like the open space.  So, I guess I will put the bedroom hamper (I'm the only one that uses that one) inside my walk in closet and leave the blue hamper in our bedroom, for now.  Hamper's aren't cheap, especially since I was going to be pretty picky with what I wanted, so probably saved $50 there.

With the updates, it makes some of the old hardware look really out of place - like the gold colored drawer and cabinet door pulls. Ugh.  I found some brushed nickel ones at Home Depot for $3 each. I'll need 16 of them, but I think it will really pull it all together to match the faucets and door frame of the shower door.  I also need to get something in similar finish for a towel rack and toilet paper holder.  We were at Home Depot yesterday and I totally forgot to look at them to see what they had.

There is still some finish work to be done....base boards, paint touch ups, etc, plus my final accessories, so I'm going to wait and put up some pictures when it's really complete, which should be week after next. We are going to have him come back and also do a mini-remodel of our guest/DD's bathroom, and he will finish up the rest on the master bath at that time. We are going to tile the small counter top, put in new sink and faucet, use up the flooring that is left over and have him paint the walls. He said about $400 in labor and the materials will cost me about $275.


  1. We can always spray paint pulls. Or check ebay! Couple of years ago I bought some new pulls for our kitchen and saved almost 80% off of what the local hardware store would charge me!

  2. We saved money by spray painting our door knobs thru out the house and cabinet pulls years ago and they have held up beautifully!

  3. Thanks Lena and anon for the painting tip! I am going to do that and paint the gold vanity fixtures.

  4. Also - check out Overstock sometime. We ordered new hardware for kitchen cabinets and it saved us TONS of money! Quite a good selection, cheap shipping! Just a tip. They have lots of other stuff, too!

  5. We went to IKEA last weekend & they had TONS of bath stuff (& everything else for that matter) CHEAP!