Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Good pet food deal

Target has a good coupon out right now for pet food and treats. $10 off $40. It apparently covers all food, treats (except rawhide) and litter. I got $42 worth of dog food and treats and paid $29.45 after a $1 off coupon on the treats, $10 off $40 and then 5% off the balance for using my Target red debit card. That's almost a 30% savings!  You can either find the coupon in their weekly ad or text PETS to 827438. has some great deals worked out with coupons:


  1. Finding deals on good pet food used to be so hard. But we havent looked since Star passed away. $10 off $40 is pretty sweet!

  2. That's pretty good. My hound dog have a prescription diet. I've looked online for prices and it's less expensive at the vet's office.

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