Friday, June 13, 2014


Well, next week most of my savings will get wiped out. But it's for a good reason - a bathroom remodel! Woo!  We don't have enough money to remodel everything, but will be getting quite a bit done and I'm sure it will look very different. The floor and toilet MUST be replaced, but our guy also took a look under the house and said good news - it's not rotted anything but the sub floor underneath the vinyl flooring. Whew.

So, for our $2000-$2500 range we are getting new flooring (floating vinyl that looks like tile), a new toilet, new shower stall door, new sinks and faucets and he is also re doing our counter top with tile. He will also re-finish our mfg home walls (that weird stuff that looks like wallpaper) so that we can paint and it will look more like tape and textured walls. I'm really excited about that part - I am so sick of staring at that pattern for the last 25 years! Seriously!

The brother in law of a friend is doing it for us and can start on Monday (granted I can get all the materials this weekend). He said it will be about a 2-3 day job (he has a helper) so hopefully by this time next week I'll have a "new" master bathroom.  I'll be sure to take before and after photos.


  1. That's pretty cool!! It's exciting to have a new bathroom and the price doesn't seem to be to high.

  2. Good for you! Hope you will post pictures. I had a full bathroom re-model last year. The bathroom needed that even when I bought the apartment back in 2004 but, I had no money left at the time. Last year everything got torn down, even the piping and replaced. Got rid of the bathtub since mom was having difficulty getting in and out when she came to visit. It took two weeks and about USD 6,000. I still feel that :) However, I love my new bathroom. I am so glad I had it done.

  3. Woot, I was going to suggest before/after photos. That is a pretty big job, hope they dont rush to finish it before it's done. Keeping fingers crossed no new problems arise... those always seem to come forth after tile is removed!

  4. Can't wait to see the before & after photos! I'm sure you'll be thrilled with the outcome!