Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Just pitch a tent any old place

While the high level of drug activity has decreased considerably on our street, we are still dealing with it a bit.  Pretty much since the renter kicked his meth addicted wife out a couple of months ago it has been very very quiet!  Her meth son came back for a couple weeks and it got busy again, but as soon as he left, it went back to quiet. She has apparently moved in with some other drug addict hours away, so good for all of us.  The drug activity in and out on the street of the house behind us continues, but we're just trying to ignore it as much as possible and just have a bit of peace in our lives.  If months and months of reporting it every single day didn't work, not sure what else we can do. Though when one of the drug dealers, that live there, girlfriend starts her yelling and screaming her head off outside for an hour or more at a time, we usually call and report that. When you can hear it inside your house that is almost an acre away, it is loud!

The house around the corner from us (it sits on the corner of the private road that comes into our neighborhood) that has been vacant for almost a year now (miss those good people!) is becoming a problem.  According to county records it has not been taken over by the bank yet. It is getting trashed of course. About a month ago someone dumped a trailer, loaded 8 feet high with garbage, on the property, between the house and the road. It sat there like that for a couple weeks and then some other scum apparently decided he could use the trailer, dumped all the garbage off and stole the (probably already stolen) trailer!

Then this morning as DH and I were leaving the neighborhood to go to his doctor appointment we see, at the corner of the street, across from this house, someone has a tent set up! Right on the side of the road! Garbage laying around it. We've been seeing lots of garbage at the corner lately, but were just floored to see someone had actually had set up a tent. Our private road into our neighborhood makes a 90 degree bend to the right.  The vacant house sits on the inside of that corner. On the other sides are 2 housing developments that fence up the the corner of the road. The first part of our "private" road, before you make the bend, is actually county road property and then as soon as you turn it becomes private roads.  DH called the police while we drove past and when we got back an hour later the tent was still there (so much for quick police response), so we stopped and honked and out pops a head of some guy. DH tells him he's on private property and needs to leave and that he will call the police and the guy says "don't, I'll be out in 10 minutes". DH calls as soon as we get home and reports it again.  Almost an hour later who do we see walking down our street - going to our druggie neighbors at the end of our street? This tent guy, of course! This is just beyond ridiculous.

I also made a report to our county "responds" online reporting, where you can report illegal dumping violations.  So I reported the vacant house with all the garbage being dumped and strewn around the property as well as the garbage being left on corner in the street next to this house. The county has always been pretty good about responding to garbage complaints (they took care of those same renter neighbors who were piling up bags and bags of garbage on their property when they first moved in), so hopefully now that they will be made aware of it, something will be done.

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