Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Must be rough........

I'm chuckling over an email exchange I just had with my boss.  It was time to cut an expense check to one of the company owners for his auto allowance (several months worth) and some miscellaneous expenses he had...but I also needed to deduct for a bunch of personal charges he put on the company credit card (that he owed the company back for)...totaling about $3500 (charged over a 3 month period). I had to not deduct the whole $3500, instead just deduct $2000, from this auto allowance check because he would get in trouble with his wife...

Now...I could see that situation arising with say, one of our sales people, who make considerably less, but this guy makes over $600,000 A YEAR.  Is $1500 (which really worked out to about $500 per month over the 3 months of charges) really going to make that much difference to their finances? LOL.  He makes in one month what I make in almost a year. It will take me over 8 years to make what he makes in one year.  If I was making $600,000 a year, I'm pretty sure my spouse wouldn't even notice $1500. Haha.  Guess it's all relative and not to mention, almost impossible for me to even fathom making and having that kind of money :-)


  1. Maybe its more so what those charges were for that would upset his wife...

    1. It's just for dinners and stuff, nothing upsetting. My guess is she must be the type to ask him what the deduction was for and I KNOW he is the type that has no recollection of all the stuff he charges, LOL, so he probably just doesn't want to be bothered with having to try to remember or find out for her. I guess I'm just sayin if my hubby made over 1/2 a million a year, I probably wouldn't be too concerned over a few hundred a month that he charged for personal expenses ;)