Friday, June 27, 2014

Remodel still under way

For some reason I cannot reply to comments on my blog. Plus I notice that the link to my dashboard isn't in the upper right hand corner when I am on my blog page, anymore. Not sure what is going on, but I have tried to reply to a new commenter twice on one of my previous posts about the PayPal account, so sorry Barb! I have tried to reply and thank you for your tip.

The bathroom is a lot closer to being done! I really really like it......but hey - just about anything is better than what it was :P.  The main thing left to do is paint the ceiling and walls and attach the plumbing on the sink on my side. Not sure why that one wouldn't work. He had me run to the hardware store to get 4 (2 each sink) "reducers" so that the 3/8" plumbing coming out of the new faucets would attach to our 1/2" plumbing coming out of the floor.....2 of the reducers worked on one sink and not the other? I'm still confused, but should be an easy fix.  Just another trip to the hardware store for "male to male" reducers.  Is anyone else like me and when guys start saying "male" and "female" ends of hoses and fittings and stuff, I still never know which is which?  He also needs to do a couple of other things - put on the base board, after he paints, and there are 2 little short walls with tops (about waist high) that come out perpendicular to where our shower is on one side and out toilet is on the other. The tops had the same counter top material and it either needs to get tiled or in our initial meeting, he mentioned wood. They are just small 8" x 5" flat surfaces on top of the short walls. Either way is fine with me, but I think he might have forgotten about them. Lastly, there is an access panel under our garden tub and that whole facing is carpeted. He is trying to locate the right size in a hatch type door.

Trying to decide if I should just pay him to do our other small guest bathroom....It definitely needs a new sink, really bad. But for probably $650 total supplies and labor he could redo a mini remodel on that bathroom too. Tile the small counter top and do a little back splash.  There is just enough flooring left over, so that is a bonus. And then just prep and paint the walls. The toilet and shower/tub are fine and in good shape. 

I'll post before and after pictures, but I want to wait until the painting is done, which will be later this afternoon.  DH loves the new toilet - typical guy as that is his main concern over the whole remodel, LOL. The seat is more elongated and sits a bit higher than our old toilet. And the cool feature of push buttons to flush :)  I's a guy thing......

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  1. Glad the remodel is almost done! I know exactly how that feels.

    As for responding, you probably need clear your browsing cache and history. That happens to me from time to time. Just be sure you have all your passwords that are saved, it will delete those.