Friday, June 6, 2014

Dress up

DD's graduations are next week. I decided I should have a dress for this. Usually the rare occasions I have anymore to dress up, I just put on my black slacks and a dressy blouse, but felt this deserves actually wearing a dress. I cannot tell you the last time I even wore a dress, let alone purchased one! I'd say the last time I remember wearing a dress was to a dinner we took DH's employees and spouses to - which was probably when my son was very little and it was a dress I had "leftover" from my working days, when business suits and dresses were the norm (thank god that is over!)

I had $10 in Kohl's cash from using the gift card DD had given me for Mother's Day and in the mail a 30% off coupon had just arrived (if I put it on my Kohl's charge card). Dresses always look kind of ugly to me hanging on the hangers, but I grabbed about 6 dresses and headed to the dressing room. DD acting as my advisor. The first couple I put on were pretty and got put in the maybe stack. Then I put on a dress that had actually looked cute hanging on the hanger....a Jennifer Lopez dress, kind of snug and looked to be a couple inches above the knees. Oh boy! It was sooo tight I could barely get it on and it barely covered my butt. DD and I were laughing so hard. She was like "NO!" and I was saying "oh, this is the one!"

Then the next dress was the one. Cute, just above the knees, sleeveless, black and gray pattern, v-neck with a cinched waist. But, being sleeveless and DD's high school graduation outside and at 9am, it's not going to be warm out, so I looked around and found a little black sweater type shrug. I'll look through my shoes and sandals and see if there is something worthy of wearing. If not, we'll be shoe shopping too.


Best of all, both would have totaled $92 regular priced and with sale, my Kohl's cash and 30% off the total was $31!  Maybe I'll even get to wear it more than just for her graduations and to take her out to dinner.


  1. I actually love dresses and never wear them. I have a few dresses that are "occasion" dresses, and I could wear to work, but would look really formal, given the casual nature of my office. I have one that is too tight right now. One that I have to repair. And one "useable" one.

    I need more dresses....

    But yours is super cute.

  2. What a great deal. I'm definitely not a dress person, but I love looking at people's dresses. Last time I wore a dress it was for a gala event, so it's definitely not something I can use outside of it. I still love it! The dress you found looks great, and I'm sure you could dress it up or down with a nice jacket. Glad you found "the (other) one"!