Monday, December 30, 2019

What's old is new again

DH had woodworker guy refurbish our old wrought iron bench with new wood slats. He was able to use the wood from our cut down trees, for this also. It turned out so pretty and is much nicer than it ever looked when new, haha. The slats are thicker and sturdier and stained such a pretty color.

I bought this bench at a hardware store probably 30 years ago, LOL. When it got all weathered and wood started rotting we kept it and it was in our little "fire pit area" at our old house as yard decor and I kind of made it into a planter. When we moved over here, DH took it apart and threw away the slats and thought someday we'll re-do it. It should last another 30 years ;)

Snow arrived a bit yesterday and more expected tomorrow and Wednesday. We'll just be doing a very quiet (as usual) New Years Eve and New Years Day. I'll probably start taking down all the Christmas decorations tomorrow. The house will probably seem a bit empty afterwards.

I don't usually make New Years goals, but I guess if I were it will be to keep up the MTurks earnings, like I did for the month of October. I've made a little over $1600 for 2019 with it. My 2020 goal is $3000. It would be nice to find something else to do online that pays decent, when MTurks is slow and I could fill in with another source.


  1. Wow, that bench looks great! I am glad you had a nice Christmas and got to see your mom and DD. I am usu glad when Christmas is over and the crazy busy time of the year is over and things can quiet down, but I have mixed feelings about it this year. Maybe now that I am retired, I don't mind being busier and getting out, festive, spending time with family. We are pretty isolated all winter and I sort of dread winter this year. Have a Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year! I'm always kind of glad when it's over too. I just hate having to put it all away, haha.

  2. Your new bench is beautiful! Oh, I wish your woodworker guy lived closer to me! I've an old bench like that, where the wood slats are breaking off after about 25 years - I would love to get new wood slats put in to make it new again!

  3. We had one of those benches, too. Had the same issues with the wood. Your wood worker guy did an awesome job with your bench!

    I love your M-Turks goal for 2020. You did better than I did in 2019. I didn't even hit $1,000.