Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas Eve

I started this post on Tuesday morning, LOL, and didn't get it finished.

DD texted me at 7:10 that morning. It was 6:10 in their time zone and they were picking my mom up at 6am....only she either didn't set her alarm right or forgot to set it when she went to bed, so she wasn't even up yet. So, they didn't get on the road until 40 minutes after they planned. At least all 3 passes are either bare and dry or bare and wet, so travel was good getting over here.

Weird, I was just looking at my old checking account I still have open and use a bit. I usually transfer my MTurks earnings into it (which have been zip the past couple of weeks). There were 3 "paypal" withdrawals. Two were from DH getting gas with his paypal debit card. One was me getting gas with my card. Both our paypal debit cards are supposed to pull out of my main checking account and that is how they are showing set up.

And even weirder is I used my debit card 3 places in town that day. First was in the hardware store, then in the grocery store and then gas. The first 2 pulled out of my main checking and the gas charge pulled out of my secondary checking. How does that work?! I'm even more confused now! I guess I just need to delete that old checking account from being linked to paypal. I don't keep much money in there and don't need an overdraft because it for some reason decided to pull out of there instead of my main checking.

Anyhow, they actually made good time and got here by 3pm on Christmas Eve. First up was to give them their wedding gift! HAHA! If you may recall, we had a hope chest made for them, but it wasn't done until after their wedding and this was the first trip they made over here. I couldn't take it my last 2 trips to see them, as I flew. They loved the gift so much.

I made spaghetti for dinner, good and easy. While waiting for them, I had made 2 pumpkin pies, so we had that later, for dessert. Mom seemed pretty good, though tired from the long drive, of course. But, we all just sat in the living room and visited, so it was relaxing. We were trying to decide if we should open all our gifts then or wait until Christmas morning. We've done it both ways over the years. DH wanted me to for sure open a certain gift Christmas Eve. It was a set of log/wood night stands to go next to each side of the bear log bed. Perfect! Especially since DD and SIL were sleeping in there that night, haha.

After I opened it, then DD decided let's open them all up :) No one argued, haha. We also take turns opening each gift, one by one. Lots of nice gifts were received and given. The kids gave DH a game camera, which he will enjoy using to see what wildlife is out and about our property. DH also gave me a couple of items I had liked when we visited the antique store a few weeks ago. He went back the weekend I was visiting mom. A wood duck decoy (I own 2 now) and an old "check writer/protector". 

to be continued........


  1. I'm so glad that you mother, DD and SIL had a safe trip to see you. Hope you had a lovely Christmas with them.

    1. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Did your daughter spend it with you?