Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Slowly progressing

I had a nice chat with my mom again yesterday. Again she only had one instance where she couldn't remember what something was called........AND I couldn't remember it either! LOL. It's those bushes that bloom in spring with yellow flowers and cause a lot of allergies (at least for me they always did). I can never remember what they are called, but they were abundant where I grew up and when they were in full bloom it was actually hard for me to breathe if I was close to a bunch of them. Scotchbroom? I think?

I guess her boyfriend set up another doctor appointment for some specialist thing that is out of state for him and we are kind of on their way home, if they take a little detour. They were going to do this last fall, but he ended up canceling the appointment. I guess now he's going to try again, but we'll see. It's a long drive for them. I still don't get why one of his kids won't take a few days and drive him there. But, if they do go, maybe I'll get a little visit with my mom at the end of next week.

The excavator guy/crew got the pads ready in front of garage doors for the concrete to be poured. DH left a message for our contractor that it was ready for concrete now. He just called DH. There is still some final trim work and also outside painting and caulking needing to be completed......ie Painter Lady. Before DH could even say I don't even want her back here, contractor said she is not coming back on this job, nor is she allowed on another job of his going on. He said she is having a lot of mental issues going on (well that was obvious!) and her hubby (who we really like) will finish it all himself. And apparently when contractor got on her case about scratching/denting our gutters with the ladder her reply to him was "well, he (my dh) was just going to get them scratched up anyway!". OMG.

Just now got an email from the cabinet lady. The cabinet (that was supposed to take 2 weeks to get here, which would have been last Thurs/Fri) won't be in until Thursday afternoon and they can't install until Friday morning. I called granite place and now am waiting to hear how this impacts their schedule with us. If this 3rd cabinet isn't right.......oh, and when her guys were here the first time installing the cabinets one of them said to DH "if you have the hardware knobs, we can install those for you when we come back to finish". ok. sound good. No, that will be an extra $300 if we want them to do that for us, she just told me in the email.........seriously? you've delayed us 2 months and you're going to charge me $300 to install door/drawer pulls? No thanks. We'll just do it ourselves. Our mason guy was just saying they make a template you can get at Lowes or Home Depot for screwing in cabinet hardware. Said it makes the job easier.

I did get that $10 from that company for doing an Amazon review for them. Instead of an Amazon gift card they just put $10 into my paypal account. Whatever works. I also made my $5 daily goal on MTurks last Mon-Fri, as well as yesterday. Still working on today. $2.70 earned, so far.

I need to make a quick trip to the post office in town during my lunch break and mail some signed checks back to my boss. She had sent them to me, just in case something came up needed a check (other than what I normally send via online bill paying) sent out while she was out on leave. Didn't need them, but glad we were prepared, just in case. While I'm in town, I'll fill up with gas and use my $20 in gas station gift certificates. I also need to get my mom a birthday card and mail it. I'll send her a card and gift for Mother's Day (when I got into the city tomorrow and can pick up a gift card).