Tuesday, April 2, 2019

What a day so far

I was about 30 minutes into my work day when I lost my remote connection to work. Their internet went down for a few minutes. No biggie. But I could not get connected again. I could get connected to the server, but not to my computer. My boss checked to make sure it was still powered on. Then I had her reboot it. Still no luck. I had to call our IT support company. IT guy called me back with the bad news: my computer died! I've been expecting my home one to die. I'm sure that one is next, as it's getting pretty old.  Fortunately the IT guy was on his way to our office to do some work, so he was quickly able to get me set up with a new computer. I'm not 100% back to normal, but getting there. He's going to try to get all my stuff saved on my old desktop over to the new computer later this afternoon. I have a lot saved there, for short cuts, documents I use a lot, etc. Plus, adobe reader isn't on there, like I had before. It opens in some Windows reader, which I'm not liking, and it's Windows 10, so that's a big ugh. But, it does seem much faster.

We use this "app" that connects Quickbooks to our expense reimbursement program. That was missing now. It took me an hour to figure out how to get it set back up. Then I got it loaded in  Quickbooks Webconnector but the password wasn't working. Then I finally realized I needed to use the temporary Token password from the expense program. And I need to really get it figured out and working today, because my boss, who will be out several weeks starting tomorrow,  needed me to get some reimbursement checks data transferred over so I could set up the checks for her to print before she leaves today.

Then painter lady is going to do her paint touch up this morning after they got here and I guess paint where her hubby caulked around the tile areas is not paintable caulk. oh boy! What a $H8t storm that caused. That isn't the normal caulk they use. DH walks out there and she's on the phone to the flooring place (got the tile there too) giving them an earful. Every chance they get they bad mouth this flooring guy to us. Well.........your boss/our contractor told us to use him! Then I guess she started to blame me (because I went and picked up the grout and caulk last week). DH was having none of that. He said it's not my wife's job to figure that out, let alone should she even had to have gone and picked it up last week!

Then he came in the shop and told me what is going on. I said Finish guy is the one who said to get silicone caulk! Here, I have the text right here! I was at flooring place and the girl asked me does he wants silicone or regular caulk. I have no clue, so I texted and was told silicone!!! DH went back out there and reminded him of that...oh ya....well, usually the stuff is 50% silicone, not 100%. Back to bad mouthing the flooring guy and I guess while DH was in the shop telling me all this they called the contractor and I guess he said something like "what in the world are they (meaning me and Dh) doing? DH blew a cork and said well maybe if our contractor was ever here and doing his job and acting like a contractor is supposed to taking care of all these details, instead of expecting us to know what you guys need, it would have been right! That shut them up really quick.

Then, while guy is working on finishing the last of the baseboard trim,  he's cutting a really long board at his saw set up outside our garage doors. The board gets loose or something and bangs into our garage door. Now we have a nice big dent in our brand new garage door! And because DH happened to be standing there "helping" him, he's like "well, it's both our faults" meaning, they aren't going to fix it or have the panel replaced. That's our problem now.

So, painter lady used their regular caulk over the top of the un-paintable stuff and then painted it. DH said it looks like crap. That's all she did today. She's either just been sitting in the house or in their truck for last few hours.

About 2pm finish guy tells DH he's all done (as in all done with the job).  Dh says what about this and that? Oh, well, we'll get it when we come back............DH just literally rolled his eyes and shook is head in disbelief in front of him. Now he's doing what DH said needed to be done.  Just leave......before anything else gets damaged that we have to fix.

But.........maybe, just maybe, this is the last day to see Painter Lady?!!! Keeping fingers crossed.


  1. I would have a major headache with all that going on..........

  2. I really do have one...and then we just got a text from SIL that FIL has hospice there, in transition phase now, sadly.