Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Plugging along at it all

Today our stone for the rest of the outside of the shop and the house is being delivered. The mason guy says he will be starting next Monday on it all. Big flat bed truck load. Originally, I wasn't sure if I wanted to use that same stone for our inside - fireplace and back of kitchen island/bar, but I'm really liking it inside. Gives me a very "lodge" feel, every time I see it.

My boss has been out 2 weeks and I just received some emails from her. She is starting to work a bit from home and feeling much better after her surgery. Very good news. So far, no emergencies have come up with (knock on wood!!) that I have had to deal with since she's been out.

DH is going to drive me nuts with his sister and brothers. SIL is the executor. She's always been the type with an attitude (just like DH, ha!) and she isn't tactful at all in communicating (though DH is), so he's getting annoyed and wants to respond back to her. I keep trying to tell him it's really really not worth his energy! The will will get resolved and will end up the same result whether he engages with her or not. I'm just too tired to deal with that too and listen to his complaining about her. She's always been that way and she always will be. I told him just acknowledge her texts and emails with "received" and sign when you need to sign something. Sometimes saying nothing can send the same message. His main issue is she keeps changing explanations of the house sale and probating the will. Since the remains will be interred here, nearby us, DH didn't go over there last Friday, as at least one of his brother's did. Now's she's saying because "not everyone" was in town on Friday to sign something, the will now has to go to probate. She never communicated beforehand that if everyone could come over and sign, then it wouldn't need to go to probate (though over the weekend his (smart) brother told him it had to go to probate no matter what. Who knows. I'm sure she's just as confused by it all, too, but she has a terrible way to communicate it all. And since when can't legal documents, in this day and age, be signed either electronically or sent certified and signed with a notary and sent back via overnight? A few years ago I did a whole legal transaction and never once had to set foot in the attorney's office.

All our snow has melted. A bit muddy in some areas, but at least the rains have stopped for the most part. Most of our driveway got graveled last spring, so it helps with the mud for our feet. The dogs still get muddy because they go off into the dirt areas and to the lot next to us.

One of my co-workers, who just got back from vacation and was gone when I processed payroll, called and thought he didn't get a paycheck, since he wasn't here to send me his timesheet. Gave me a panic for a minute! I know I estimated his hours, so he should have gotten his direct deposit. No, he didn't look to see if he got his paycheck direct deposited. He just assumed since he didn't send me a timesheet he didn't get paid, LOL.

Now that the weather is warmer DH was able to install our Christmas gift! I love it. It was the eagle catching a fish we had designed. Below it (that I cut out of picture for privacy reasons) is our address, too.
We were at the town lumber store getting a drill bit for rock, but then DH realized he would need a "hammer drill" to drill it, which he doesn't have. I rolled my eyes and said you are not buying another $300 tool, just to drill some holes in a rock one time". Then the lumber store owner said "we rent ours out". Done!


  1. Siblings can be either difficult or wonderful. I haven't so far seen anything in between. It is better to preserve energy while dealing with the difficult ones. The eagle is really beautiful. How big is it?