Saturday, April 20, 2019

Little stuff

I got to quit work at 1pm yesterday, which was much needed. I decided to wait and go grocery shopping this morning and DH went with me. First we stopped at Lowe's and returned the first ceiling fan/light I had purchased, that our electrician said I wouldn't like it that small. So, there was a $150 credit. DH, of course, needed more things at Lowe's so there was another $40 spent.

Then we stopped at Harbor Freight as he was out of latex gloves. I said that is all we are going in there to get! He couldn't believe he wasn't going to get to look around and see what he didn't know he needed. LOL.

We got our grocery shopping all done. They were having a good sale on soda, so DH loaded up his cart with that, to stock up on. He's learning to watch prices.

On the way home we swung by our HVAC guys house. He said our dryer vent was in the back of his work pickup truck, so we grabbed that.

It started thunder and lightning last night and then pouring rain. Hasn't much stopped raining since.

As expected SIL's story on the will and sale of house changed again. Got a message yesterday that the house sale closed the day before. (we were told 4-5 days earlier it wasn't going to be able to be sold until probate was done...), so that is very good news. She said the proceeds from sale will go into the estate account, until probate is done. Plus, DH received a letter from the attorney handling the will, kind of outlining what happens. Yesterday the notice to creditors was filed, so now I guess they wait 120 days to see if there are any creditor claims on the estate. The letter didn't say how long it might take to finalize probate after the 120 day waiting period.

We have no Easter plans. Still can't make a real meal, so not going to worry about it. Maybe we'll go out to dinner tomorrow. We haven't been out to eat in a restaurant for probably a couple of months, now.

Just got an email that our replacement (2nd time around) cabinet isn't shipping until a week from Monday. So, who knows now when we'll get put back in the schedule with the granite installers. Beyond frustrating.


  1. I'm happy that the sale of the house finally went through. Sure wish they could put a rush on your cabinet delivery. The waiting would drive me crazy.

    1. supposedly the "rush" was getting it here in 2 weeks...which should be end of this coming week. Now she's saying its not even going to ship until the week of the 29th!